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NSW Deputy CHO: 7 Deaths, 1 Unvaccinated

In the midst of all the COVID panic in Australia, particularly in the states NSW and Victoria, NSW Deputy CHO Dr Marianne Gale announced on September 28 that there were 7 deaths.

It’s a tragedy however one looks at it but hardly a reason to continue this panic and vaccine coercion.

The part that is more concerning is that 3 of them had received one dose of the so-called vaccine and another 3 had received two doses. Only one was unvaccinated.

To be more specific, there were 4 women and 3 men, their ages ranging from the 40s to 90s. And to be fair, all had underlying health conditions. Of course, regarding the 6 vaccinated individuals, they “unfortunately had just received their COVID-19 vaccination not long before acquiring their illness.”

Of course they did.

Since vaccines are meant to protect both the healthy and the less so as well as to take effect in a short time, this hardly inspires confidence.

But don’t worry, just take it anyway. Or else you may “lose freedoms”.


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