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NSW CHO and the “New World Order”

It looks like NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant is at it again. In an update held on 9 September 2021, Dr Chant goes on about what every other official and vaccine pimp has said.

When asked “what has to happen for us to get back to the freedoms that we had prior to the pandemic” (start from approximately 46:35 in the video), she answered:

I think everyone around the world watches the situation overseas and I think I’ve… we’ve been very honest that we have to learn to live with COVID. We’re going to be vaccinated, [then] vaccinated again, we’re going to be potentially challenged by different variants. This will be a journey. … But the real hope is that we have effective... safe and effective vaccines. We will have to learn how to live with COVID and after years of… of cycling through this, um, we’ll get to a… a level of comfort, a bit like we have with flu.

We’re going to be vaccinated and vaccinated again. Don’t worry, it’s safe and effective. And this will go on for “years” until one day we will treat it a bit like the flu.

Yes, thank you for your honesty.

Hang on, let me think… viruses generally don’t go away, so yeah, we have to learn to live with it. And although so-called COVID-19 does seem different to the flu, it also seems similar in some ways.

So… why don’t we treat it as a bad flu and actually live with it without widescale lockdowns, coercion of vaccines and vaccine/health passports? Why don’t we have a science-based discussion on alternative strategies, including treatments?

No, can’t have that. That might actually resemble being sensible.

And of course, it is difficult to ignore Dr Chant’s response to a question regarding the listing of exposure sites once venues re-open and whatnot. Start from approximately 50:25 in the video.

We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the new world order. Yes, it will be pubs and clubs.

It seems many have picked up on that. And no doubt many are in denial, calling it “conspiracy theory”. To the latter, I recommend you re-think your life and read something useful, starting with the dictionary.

Anyway, although I don’t know what’s going on in Dr Chant’s head, I doubt she entirely knows what she’s saying. She’s probably just been given a prescription. Having said that, “new world order” is not a term used that often, so it is mildly telling when anyone uses it in such a context.

I am not a constitutional lawyer in any country but it is somewhat concerning that Australian leaders are conveniently ignorant of their own constitution.


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