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mRNA Vaccines for Animals Being Developed

Back in October 2022, there was at least one claim circulating on social media of farm animals being given some sort of mRNA vaccine in Australia.

At the time, I couldn’t find anything that could verify the claim one way or another.

However, there was an announcement from the NSW government of a $65-million package for animal emergency disease preparedness. This includes $5.7 million for the R&D of mRNA vaccines for FMD and Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD), intended for manufacture by 1 August 2023. And, of course, a company with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is involved.

More recently, claims of mRNA vaccine use for livestock in Australia circulated again. (Granted, these claims are almost always floating around.) Again, I couldn’t anything substantial.

But fret not, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) announced in May that it has received funding to produce a mRNA vaccine for LSD. It is conveniently not clear where the money is coming from.

According to Michael Laurence, MLA Program Manager for Animal Wellbeing regarding mRNA technology:

“If properly harnessed, this technology could be used as one of the effective tools in a rapid response to outbreaks—enabling eradication and return to disease freedom status.”

It’s a relief that the vaccine might work if properly harnessed. For a moment, I thought it might be a screw-up like the ones for humans.

“Success of this project might provide a pilot vaccine suitable for use in Australia in less than two years.”

So, if there are no mRNA vaccines in use yet, there’s a chance this would be shoved into cows in less than two years. At minimum, that is the intent.

Also note that this

…over-arching five-year program will secure licenced mRNA vaccine technology and activate an independent livestock vaccine development and production pathway based on newly established scientific capacity and infrastructure.

I read that as “Let’s use mRNA to make other stuff as we go along.”

Setting aside safety for the animals, I am curious how safety for consumers, human and animal, will be tested.

Oh wait, let me guess, they probably won’t. “They” will probably say something like the mRNA concoction breaks down in the cow soon enough—just like the COVID jabs for humans *cough*—and even if it doesn’t, cooking the meat properly will.

This is not only a concern for Australians. Keep in mind that the treasonous mofos who run Australia typically export about 60% of its beef—including the best cuts—overseas instead of feeding their own population at a half-decent price. The USA, China, Japan and South Korea in particular are recipients of Australian beef.


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