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Man Realizes Presbyterian Woman a Snob after Blind Date

Melbourne, Australia – A man has realized that the woman his friends had set him up with is a snob after all.

“I’ve met quite a few presbyterian snobs but I didn’t think she would be one as well,” said the man after the blind date.

The man’s friends had assured him that the woman was “a very nice christian” and all that.

However, during dinner, he noticed that she cherry-picked her way through her entire dish just as she would the Bible.

“And besides,” added the man, “I always thought presbyterian snobbery was just about their made-up theology—I mean, who’d thought theology would actually flow into real life?! I guess I was wrong.”

The man has since decided that presbyterian women (and men) are off-limits. “I think I’ll just date lutherans or catholics, they’re mostly just winos and drunks.”


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