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Katie Hobbs: I Will Only Debate Kari Lake in Restaurant Toilet

Katie Hobbs: I Will Only Debate Kari Lake in Restaurant Toilet

Even as early ballots arrive via the mail for the Arizona governor’s election, democrat Katie Hobbs has yet to debate republican Kari Lake.

However, Hobbs has made one concession. “I normally don’t want to talk politics to anyone I don’t know but still… I will only debate Kari Lake in a restaurant toilet.”

When asked why such an unusual choice of a stage for debate, Hobbs answered, “It’s our party policy to be full of s— and I just feel more comfortable being around it and immersed in it. I can sit in one stall and Lake can sit in the adjacent stall.”

Hobbs elaborated that if she wins, the entire Arizona state “will then be such a crap-stained place that I could be comfortable enough to debate anywhere, as long as it’s not that Maxwell guy from Project Veritas moderating. I’m not racist or anything, I just don’t like people making me spill my drink.”


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