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Joe & Ashley Biden Showers Redacted, Therefore Not Inappropriate

Joe & Ashley Biden Showers Redacted, Therefore Not Inappropriate

Washington DC – Given the recent news of two individuals who pleaded guilty to the theft and sale of Ashley Biden’s diary, disturbing details from the diary itself have re-surfaced.

These include a reference to “showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)” which suggests that Joe Biden is not merely into sniffing.

The White House has denied any implications.

“We can’t have such disinformation,” said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. “We have to build a wall around that right now. The FBI said so.

“But, in the interests of transparency, I would like to clarify that parent-and-child showers and baths aren’t that uncommon and there was nothing inappropriate since certain body parts were redacted.”

Journalist Peter Doocy then asked, “Which body parts were redacted?”

After repeating the question seventeen times, Jean-Pierre finally responded that “we’re only trying to fix a failure of the previous administration” and it was “probably just Ashley’s face that was redacted in the shower, which makes it okay then.”

In other news, European governments have issued statements that they are “not imposing blackouts, but just redacting the power supply”.


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