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From China with Love

It is a mild surprise that lamestream media mentions financial connections between Biden and China, even if it is “allegedly”.

The Fox News article is reporting on Biden’s nomination of UPenn president Dr Amy Gutmann to be the next US ambassador to Germany. The article mentions the complaint filed by the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) which highlights the “anonymous” donations from Chinese sources to UPenn which houses the Biden Center.

Anyway, it is this NLPC complaint, dated 20 May 2020, that is a moderately interesting read. According to 20 USC section 1011f:

(a) Disclosure report Whenever any institution is owned or controlled by a foreign source or receives a gift from or enters into a contract with a foreign source, the value of which is $250,000 or more, considered alone or in combination with all other gifts from or contracts with that foreign source within a calendar year, the institution shall file a disclosure report with the Secretary on January 31 or July 31, whichever is sooner.

There is more but one gets the idea. Anything worth $250,000 or more has to be reported.

The NLPC complaint lists the donations from Chinese sources from 2013 to 2019, and there is a lot of money involved.

For example, in 2019, monetary gifts and contracts from Chinese sources were collectively worth approximately $26.9 million. These sources included banks, airlines, industry and real estate. Of this sum, there are 17 anonymous monetary gifts worth over $6 million.

As a sidebar (or is it?), also in 2019, there were three contracts with CRISPR Therapeutics (China) collectively worth over $1.3 million. CRISPR is gene-editing tech that can be potentially used in “vaccines”, assuming it isn’t already. There are many applications. Curious…


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