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David Icke Interviews Celeste Solum re COVID Tests

The above is titled, “Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum talks with David Icke: ‘The Covid tests are magnetically tagging you and the vaccine is designed for mass depopulation and the synthetic transformation of the human body.’”

That title sums it up but the interview is worth watching. At the time of viewing, there is no transcript or summary so we have taken the liberty of providing some general points below. We are not associated with David Icke nor Celeste Solum. We are also not in a position to cross-examine all that is discussed in the interview.

The below are merely general points which are not transcribed verbatim. Where possible, links are provided. The occasional comment by me is in square brackets [ ].

To support her claim, Solum spends much of the interview reviewing history.

  • World Economic Forum’s Global Pioneers of Change 2020 ran from 16–20 November 2020. Amongst other things, it discussed biotech, 5G, digital identity etc. (

  • Icke mentions the “Great Reset”, which the likes of Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, has promoted. The Great Reset includes the fusion of the biological and digital self.

  • COVID test places a magnetic beacon into the subject.

  • Asilomar, CA, is an old military facility, now a conference site. There were 3 Asilomar Conferences. The first was held in 1975 which discussed genetically changing all life on Earth. The second was held in 2010 on geoengineering. The third was held in 2018 on AI framework.

  • International Barcode of Life (IBOL) aims to barcode and tag all life. It is funded and operated by Rockerfeller. Reptilian logo. (

  • “The Consortium for the Barcode of Life” (CBOL) is an international initiative devoted to developing DNA barcoding as a global standard for the identification of biological species.” (

  • By restructuring light incrementally, the aim is to alter human perception and operation. [Solum does not elaborate further in this interview.]

  • Atmospheric interference from satellites. Earth losing its magnetosphere. [HAARP probably plays a role.] This may change the magnetism and spin of atoms in our bodies.

  • “Barcode of Life” which “is a project to create a public collection of reference sequences from vouchered specimens of all species of life”. (,

  • Clade X tabletop pandemic exercise held in 2018 is relevant to the current events. (

  • Historically, life was classified by commonsensical definitions. PhyloCode ( allows for the mixing of different life and therefore hydrids. “Old” life may not be patented, only “new” life. Thus, mixing allows for legal and actual control, consistent to the philosophy and aims of the “new world order”.

  • Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals ( and “Stamping Out” manual ( are relevant. The latter outlines how to dispose of animals for disease eradication. No explicit mention of humans. Nevertheless, humans are typically classified as animals. Apparently, doctors can get paid for a human to be humanely executed by gas, guillotine, stabbing by sharp objects such as a syringe. [Guillotine allows for organ harvesting.]

  • COVID is the first deployment of a new, synthetic nano-lifeform.

  • There are military documents which state that by 2025, all “old” humans are to be eradicated, and “new” humans to be augmented, engineered, transformed etc. to be part of the “Matrix”.

  • “They” (the rulers) tolerated us humans for a time, to amass wealth but now aim for mass eradication.

  • Aborted fetuses are used in products such as food for the purposes of indoctrination, i.e. to develop a craving in humans for humans so that in times of food shortage, survivors will be less resistant to cannibalism. Apparently, human genes are in rice.

  • Icke briefly mentions Zulu legend re Children of the Serpents, the manipulation of human life from the shadows and the introduction of cannibalism into their culture.

  • Icke mentions that “they” are obsessed with being “organized” and “order”—that is, their twisted sense of order.

  • Tropical disease convention in Florida apparently discussed the role of tropical diseases to play in the new world order. [Solum did not elaborate further.]

  • GEN webinar presented case studies of antibody discoveries and development challenges by leveraging their core genetic, immunization technology, to be applied to vaccines. The Beacon Optofluidic system is used for tagging, tracking and monitoring.

  • Decades ago, DARPA wanted to implant (RFID or RFID-like) chips into the population without surgery.

  • Hydrogel/quantum dot was developed for this purpose. Once injected into the body, these nano-particles then self-assemble. There are 33 classes of nano-particles—an obvious occult reference—each with its own mission and payload. It can carry poison, a virus, bacteria and even explosives. It is “scalable”, allowing for flexible targeting regimes, e.g. can target a cell, an organ, an individual or a group with a particular trait.

  • Each one of us already has 20k to 30k nano-particles, currently inactive.

  • Orders (instructions) to these nano-particles are frequency-specific, related to 5G.

  • These nano-particles swarm through the body, can cross the blood-brain barrier and take over the brain. It can grow, consuming our fluids while our cells die.

  • The COVID test contains a relatively small dose. It is anticipated that the COVID vaccine and any future vaccine will contain a relatively higher dose.

  • Hydrogel is already in the commercial market, food and water, in anticipation of those who avoid vaccination.

  • Hydrogel is aerosolized.

  • It is anticipated that the final iteration of the mask will be a hydrogel mask.

  • These nano-particles can cause pneumonia (symptoms) by swarming the lungs and can also cause blood coagulation as observed in some COVID patients.

  • The ultimate goal is to transform the human body and take over the brain, with not only material but also spiritual implications.

  • Although hydrogel can travel to the brain, the COVID tests allow for a more direct implantation by going up the nose.

  • Once these nano-particles enter the body, they can accumulate and do not leave.

  • Solum recommends not to take the test, nor the vaccine.


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