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Dr Sherri Tenpenny Explains mRNA “Vaccine”

Thumbs up to Public Intelligence Blog for re-posting two interviews of Dr Sherri Tenpenny who explains the dangers of the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines”. One interview is by Reinette Senum (1:03:06) and the other is by Alex Jones (32:34). Other medical professionals have stated or at least suspected all of this for months but Dr Tenpenny explains it nicely enough for the layman. There are readers’ notes in the second post but I took my own short version shown below.

  • There has never been a successful vaccine for the coronavirus.

  • There has never been a successful vaccine using messenger RNA (mRNA).

  • There are 35–45 coronaviruses which have been around for over 60 years, of which seven can infect humans.

  • The coronavirus has a spike protein that acts like a key, binding to the ACE2 receptor on the surface of host’s cells, then opens the door, enters and replicates.

  • The COVID-19 “vaccine” is technically not a vaccine.

  • The mRNA in the injection contains a “recipe”. It does not directly re-write host’s DNA.*

  • Ribosomes read the recipe, creates spike protein (similar to that on the surface of the coronavirus) in order to create/trigger antibodies. *This spike protein can later get incorporated into host DNA. In other words, the mRNA can indirectly cause the re-writing of host’s DNA by transfection. [It is unclear to this notetaker whether it is transient or stable transfection.]

  • mRNA initiates generation of antibodies to (in theory) stop coronavirus spike protein.

  • However, these antibodies are non-neutralizing antibodies which targets the coronavirus spike protein, not the entire virus. This technique is different to other vaccines. [This notetaker infers that these non-neutralizing antibodies are non-neutralizing because they do not target the entire virus.]

  • These non-neutralizing antibodies can attack various systems in the body. The antibody is Y-shaped. The top two fragments are antigen-binding fragments (Fab) that normally bind to the target antigens and neutralizes them. The Fc receptor, which is the (bottom) stem of the antibody, can bind to other cells and cause problems including triggering or suppressing auto-immune responses at inappropriate times.

  • It can also cross the blood-brain barrier.

  • The “vaccine” contains polyethylene glycol (PEG). [It is commonly used in pharmaceuticals but is toxic.]

  • It is unknown how long this process can last, especially if the host is later exposed to coronaviruses. To paraphrase Dr Tenpenny: there is an “On” switch, but no “Off” switch.

  • It is Dr Tenpenny’s opinion that this is a “well-designed killing tool”.

  • It can take 3 months to 20 years for problems to develop. Dr Tenpenny vaguely predicts that more injuries and deaths may occur 4 to 18 months from now.

Reminder: Others such as Celeste Solum goes further by mentioning the use of quantum dot, hydrogel, nanobots etc to alter the human body. Even the test may plant markers into the body. The implications include “ownership” of the human that is no longer in its original, natural form (which cannot legally be owned) and becoming a node of some AI for purposes of tracking and mind control. David Icke interviewed Celeste Solum again recently but the material is similar to the interview covered in November 2020. In this recent interview, she also mentions the use of aborted fetuses and animal material in the so-called vaccine.


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