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Film ● Mini-Review: John Wick: Chapter 2

Title: John Wick: Chapter 2

Director(s): Chad Stahelski

Screenwriter(s): Derek Kolstad

Released: 2017

Runtime: 2h 2m

John Wick: Chapter 2

● The premise is a bit contrived this round: Crime boss Santino D’Antonio calls in a “marker”, basically a blood oath that John Wick had made so he could retire. Santino is initially not unreasonable, he wouldn’t have made the request if Wick had stayed quiet. Wick could just do the one job but he stubbornly refuses and Santino stubbornly blows up his house. So Wick ends up doing the assassination job anyway.

● The film tries too hard to be cool. For example, Santino assigns Ares (Ruby Rose) to observe Wick which is a poor excuse to include Rose as the try-hard cool mute chick which is a turn-off. And if she’s good enough to even keep track of Wick, then why not just send her as a form of backup/support for Wick? Also, the scene in which Wick visits the weapons supplier is played up too much. Peter Serafinowicz does a wonderful job with the small role but there is no need to talk about the weapons with Wick as if he doesn’t know about them.

● In terms of action, it’s not merely more of the same. It is good to see Wick use more weapons, including a carbine/assault rifle. The VFX goes further in this film.

This mini-review is part of the collection for Taken clones and derivatives.


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