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Film ● Mini-Review: John Wick: Chapter 4

Title: John Wick: Chapter 4

Director(s): Chad Stahelski

Screenwriter(s): Derek Kolstad

Released: 2023

Runtime: 2h 49m

John Wick: Chapter 4

● Although predictable, it is nonetheless a decent conclusion, especially considering its runtime. At no point does the film drag even though the concluding action sequences are somewhat repetitive. It is understandable that the conclusion takes the personal approach of a duel but it does try to give the audience a big gunfight and a duel.

● Those who like martial arts are treated with some decent scenes with Donnie Yen.

● Like the previous film, CG is used here and there, and it is almost undetectable. As for the action, perhaps the biggest weakness of the saga is the relative lack of assault rifle action in non-full-auto mode as seen in the second film.

This mini-review is part of the collection for Taken clones and derivatives.


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