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Dominion Not Amazon, Weyoun Tells Cardassia

Dominion Not Amazon, Weyoun Tells Cardassia

Cardassia Prime – Vorta Weyoun cautioned Cardassia on Wednesday that the Dominion is not Amazon and that Cardassia needs to show gratitude for all the weapons donated so far.

Weyoun was on the sidelines of the Dominion summit on Cardassia Prime when he responded to a question from a reporter about Gul Dukat’s complaints that Cardassia has not been given a timeline for joining the Dominion.

“The Dominion has been one of Cardassia’s staunchest supporters since the Klingon invasion last year,” said Weyoun. “And we will continue to be.”

However, Weyoun also counseled that Cardassia has to persuade “any doubting Founder and Vorta that it’s all worth it”.

“I remember when I was presented with a shopping list of ships and weapons awhile ago,” added Weyoun. “That list was so long, I had to order two Jem’Hadar carry it. And every time Cardassia get something, they ask for more. We’re not Amazon, you know.”

In a press conference, Gul Dukat tried to be diplomatic.

“We were always grateful to the Dominion for all the defense packages,” he said, “so I don’t know what he [Weyoun] meant or how else we should be grateful. Maybe the Founders wants something special… like the Federation on a platter or something.”


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