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Doctor Shreds Hippocratic Oath

New York City, NY – In response to resistance against the pandemic treaty and the standard approach of using vaccines for COVID-19, a doctor speaking at the WHO meeting shredded a copy of the Hippocratic Oath.

Dr Merdan spoke against those who criticized the vaccines, labelling them as “anti-vaxxers”, and he denounced those who supported the use of HCQ and ivermectin as “disinformation super-spreaders”.

“The UN and its tentacles were established after the attempted genocide of Jews,” said Merdan. “And now, you are stopping the puppet masters from trying to do the same to everyone with plandemics.”

Erdan then took out a mini-shredder and shredded a small piece of paper. “You can see what you are inflicting upon the WHO and the world with these destructive views,” he said. “You are shredding commonsense and the Hippocratic Oath with your own hands.”

Mr Apu, a staff member of the representative from India, was not impressed with the theatrics: “A professional in a suit and tie acting like a child… I guess at least the mini-shredder seemed fitting to his behavior.”

Doctor Shreds Hippocratic Oath

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