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Criticizing “Categorizing People” Whilst Categorizing People

If one can believe the surveys, President Emmanuel Macron is going to have a hard time winning in the upcoming elections.

A few days ago he warned of the positions of the so-called far right and left, that they could lead to “civil war”.

Was Macron simply being overly dramatic about the others or was it a veiled threat of starting a civil war if he doesn’t like the election results?

The latter is perhaps a stretch.

In any case, he stated that “categorizing people” could lead to “division”, which apparently is a problem. Well, any categorization is ipso facto making distinctions and in that sense divisions. Of course, we know what Macron means and he is entitled to disagree with others, but isn’t everything he said also in effect “categorizing people”?

It is interesting how those who, whether implicitly or explicitly, preach “tolerance” are never as tolerant as they try to look.


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