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Comment re UNESCO’s Campaign on Conspiracy Theories

There have been a few reports in recent days regarding “#ThinkBeforeSharing – Stop the spread of conspiracy theories” promoted by UNESCO, the proximate trigger presumably being some people’s response to COVID-19. This is not new. An article by the UN mentioned something similar as early as June 2020 and according to the page source code #ThinkBeforeSharing was last updated in April 2021.

But since people have been reacting to it recently, it may be helpful to add some tips on how to deal with “conspiracy theories”.

Conspiracy Theories: How to deal with them

Conspiracy Theories: How to deal with them

When coming across conspiracy theories in media or talking to people, consider one or even a combination of the following:

  • Don’t look up the dictionary to see what “conspiracy” and “theory” truly mean. Just keep using the label as a slant on anything you disagree with and are in denial about.

  • Act civil and pretend to invite open debate but then dismiss them as “conspiracy theories”. That way, you keep convincing yourself that you’re normal and others are crazy.

  • Complain that any given explanation is too short. When provided with something more substantial, be lazy and complain that it’s too long.

  • Don’t try to research and verify any fact claims. You’ve done a fine job being willfully ignorant so far, so keep going. Remember: Ignorance is strength!

  • Or if you do, you can simply rely on fact-checkers. They typically get it right so you can trust them.

  • Beware that some people won’t even try to present information. They attempt to appeal to your (auto-suppressed) commonsense by pointing out observations that no one disputes, hoping you can connect the dots. That’s not a rabbit hole you want to enter.

  • Ignore the fact that evidence supporting conspiracies are often open source and were written and promoted by the conspiracists themselves anyway. But keep telling yourself that they were written by some weirdo in a tin-foiled hat.

  • Always muddle words and their meanings. Never define your terms. Ambiguity is your ally. Crazy = untrue, racist = wrong, abortion = reproductive health, critical = paranoid, researcher = gullible…

  • In fact, you’ve never thought logically for more than 3 consecutive seconds before, so don’t start now. But do pretend to by throwing the word “logic” and “science” into the conversation so you can feel better about yourself.

  • It is too psychologically distressing to think outside your self-imposed comfort matrix. Your mental health is important, so follow the science and just do whatever it takes to stay in your little box no matter how nonsensical, including getting that sixth booster and wearing a mask while in the car by yourself.

  • Conspiracies large and small do exist. But only the ones that aren’t too large and are officially declared as true by someone with lots of letters after their name… because real conspiracies are always officially, openly and clearly declared.

  • Generally, just keep up the self-administered brainwashing by repeatedly telling yourself that everything is a “coincidence” or an “accident”. If you say it enough times, then it must be true.

  • One day, if you live long enough, there will be a lot of “I told you so” because you have been a willfully ignorant retard. But that’s ok, because that is a human right and anyone who opposes that is a bad person.


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