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China vs Japan Trash-talking Nukes

A few days ago, Japan released its annual defense white paper titled “Defense of Japan 2021”. It is 44 pages of highly generalized material in dot-point format intended for the masses. It is mildly interesting but no surprises for anyone who knows a little history and follows military activities.

In the last couple of years anyway, China is mentioned, obviously a security concern to Japan but is mentioned in a diplomatic manner. Taiwan is also mentioned but only when describing observations, such as its relationship with the US.

This year, however, Japan mentions Taiwan along with a stated intention for action:

China has further intensified military activities around Taiwan including Chinese aircrafts’ entering the southwestern airspace of Taiwan. In the meantime, the United States has demonstrated a clear stance of supporting Taiwan in military aspects, such as transits by U.S. vessels through the Taiwan Strait and weapon sales. Stabilizing the situation surrounding Taiwan is important for Japan’s security and the stability of the international community. Therefore, it is necessary that we pay close attention to the situation with a sense of crisis more than ever before. [Emphasis mine.]

What China does will obviously impact the region but is there really a need to put that in writing?

Not surprisingly, this drew responses from Chinese commentators. One particular video which was reportedly found on China’s military channel but has since been taken down warns that if Japan intervenes when China goes after Taiwan, China will consider Japan to be an “exception” in their no-first-use nuke policy. It also mentions past wars with Japan, the millions of Chinese they have killed and Japanese denial, stating that China will continuously use nukes until Japan’s unconditional surrender if they go to war again. (An excerpt of the video can be found at

Well, no doubt some of the Japanese’s attitude to history can use some improvement but let’s not forget that the Chinese commie hierarchy killed more of their own people than Japan ever did.

Even if it’s merely trash-talking, and it may not be, you know the world is going great when effing psycho 12-year-olds with grudges (or pretend to have grudges just to have an excuse) have nukes.


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