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BLM and I agree: Silence May Be Just as Bad as Compliance

I'll be the first to admit that on the spectrum of paranoia, I might land a little on the high side if compared to average Americans. But this paranoia has helped me to avoid disaster as well as steer me into making some great decisions in rather tough scenarios.

As an example, when COVID first reared its head back in late 2019, my ears perked up. I remembered Bill Gates talking about how the world was not ready for a pandemic. When he made that speech, I was skeptical and thought it was rather radical of him to mention something like that. Even given the fact that he was already knee-deep in vaccine "research." Yet, when a news report out of China about a new virus came out, right away I put two and two together. It came from a bat they said. In my paranoid head, I said, "Yeah right."

So I watched and observed. In particular, I watched Donald Trump. I thought, given the circumstances, he handled it as best he could. One man can only do so much. Then I started to read up on "Q" and for the most part, it had me hopeful. But the one area they were never prepared for was this pandemic, or should I say, PLANdemic. Because this was something that was planned a long time ago.

In any case, not soon after, Antifa and BLM started ramping up their "protests." Literally blocks away from my house was rioting, looting, vandalism, gunshots and fireworks at all hours of the night, every night, for months. It was unsafe at the best of times for normal, functioning adults, let alone toddlers. So with a toddler of my own, I decided to make the bold move out of the city and into the suburbs. I cut my family's beloved city life short because I was, as some of my friends would have called it, paranoid.

That was in late Spring of 2020. A year later, my suburban home is worth $100k more than what I bought it for. It's worth more than the home we left behind. I don't have to worry about horrible city services like the trash not being picked up for weeks at a time, or the labyrinth of parking rules and regulations, packages being stolen off my front porch, and on and on. Not to mention the violence and danger, the overcrowding, and the permeating stench of liberal nonsense.

Now, granted, the suburbs aren't that much better politically than the city, but cold water on a burn feels so relieving even when it's not an actual fix or solution.

Well, a year ago, things were tense. Like so many, I bought my first gun. Then, my second. I refreshed over and over again, waiting for that 9MM JHP to be restocked. I started the Prepper Lite series (Part One here) on this site. Heck, I started this site. I am still refilling plastic water bottles and storing them, still buying extra provisions here and there, still researching ways to slowly remove myself from the grid.

But I think the time has come to ramp all that up a bit.

Now, we are being pushed out slowly but forcefully. If you don't want to take their vaccine or wear their masks, they are going to isolate, ostracize, and hate you. Maybe worse. They are poking the bear right now. And the bear can only take so much.

For a time, guns and ammo came back in stock to some degree. Now they are flying off the shelves again. There's no real way to tell the cause, but other supply chains are running low as well. Some say it's the chain reaction to everything pandemic, some say inflation, some say preppers are prepping more (remember the toilet paper fiasco).

Back in December, I wrote about a potential civil war. We started to open up for some reason. Then those powers that be realized, no this is not good, and suddenly all these variants started running loose. Now, they want to close it up again and mask us up and divide us into "vaccinated" and "the unvaccinated."

They are pushing hard, doubling down on this PLANdemic, as in this article from CBS. If you are familiar with games and sports, you know that there is a level of instinct involved with playing games and sports where tension builds and much of the auxiliary is stripped away, leaving only the most basic conflict. Killer instinct rises to the forefront. A good example of this is either the closing minutes of a basketball or an ice hockey game. As a hockey player myself and a long-time NHL fan, I can sense when big plays are going to happen, and most of the time I can sense when the defining moment of the game will happen.

I sense something similar going on in the world. The first thing you need to notice is that there is a battle going on. This should be pretty evident, but I believe a lot of normal people don't see it that way. They don't see the battle for freedom, let alone the battle between good and evil. Still, the battle is there and it is being fought. They have chosen their teams. Right now, the vaccinated team is that perennial winner, the 90s Chicago Bulls or New York Yankees, Goliath. The unvaccinated are the underdogs. I won't give examples because the battle is not over, but even for someone like me who is not at all versed in the Bible, we all know the story and outcome of that epic battle between Goliath and the underdog, David.

So, now that the doubling down has been presented, you can equate it to the tightening of the noose. They loosened it for a split second and like the evil torturers they are, they are constricting even more. They feel the death throes of their opponents.

They have already begun the process of coming for our hockey sticks so that we cannot even handle the puck anymore:

On the surface, the details of this executive order seem like good ideas. But that's if you take their word for it that what they are concerned about is gun violence. They are not. They want to take our only means of defense away. In his speech, "President" Biden said, “They’ve offered plenty of thoughts and prayers, members of Congress. But they’ve passed not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence. Enough prayers; time for some action.”

It harkens back to the adage, guns don't kill people, people do. If you want to reduce gun violence, it would seem like the easy way would be to just get rid of all the guns. But the harder (and in my opinion, much more effective) thing would be to look at who is holding the gun. Millions of American gun owners are responsible and decent human beings who just want to protect themselves from the dangers of the world, big and small. I would rather die fighting than running and hiding in fear. That is no way to live.

It's the criminals who commit ALL of the gun violence. Fix the criminals and gun violence will almost disappear. But that is too hard, and ending gun violence is not even their end game to begin with. They just want your...our guns so we are powerless to stop them from their true end game, which is absolute power and authority over everyone and everything.

I may be paranoid, but up until now, my paranoia has steered me in the right direction a lot more often than not. To anyone out there who cares to listen, it might be time to step up our roles on this team of social leftovers. All we have is each other. Because when they come for our guns, when they implement vaccine passports not just for travel but for buying food, going to school or most public places, when they come for our property, it'll be too late.

Not that I'm a football fan but it is Super Bowl LI and we are the Patriots, down 28-3 in the third quarter. Are we going to band together and mount the greatest comeback the world has ever seen? Or will we continue to give up freedom after freedom, of which our Founding Fathers and all the brave soldiers in all the American wars so bravely fought and sacrificed for? When BLM says silence is just as bad as compliance, I completely agree. We need to stand when they kneel. We need to stand up for what makes America the best country the world has ever seen. We need more of this:

We are the world's last and maybe only hope. We lurking in the shadows, afraid to speak for fear of losing our jobs, our friends and family, our way of living. But I say, if we don't start acting now, we will lose those things anyway.

I posted this about Uber drivers speaking out. We need to find each other and band together. Much like the Brotherhood in Orwell's 1984, much like the Q movement. We need to know that there are others and we are not isolated or ostracized or hated by everyone. We are in fact, part of a team. A rather large team, armed and dangerous, and willing to die fighting than give everything away.


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