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Uber Drivers and Fetal Imaging Clinics Offer Hope

I’m thinking of starting a blog series of times I get to talk to strangers. Don’t worry. I don’t get out much, so the series won’t be long.

I did, however, take my car to the shop two days ago (Thursday, 8 July 2021), and in doing so, I had to take an Uber from the car shop back home, and then another Uber from home back to the shop.

Firstly, as you book your trip, the app asks for you to confirm you’re wearing a mask, and also points out that the driver they have set you up with has also confirmed they are wearing one too. Comforting to those that watch CNN or have a #fauxci crush, I suppose. For me, it is fully annoying and borderline infuriating. I am done with this whole mask thing.

So, what I’ve been doing lately is just holding it in my hand while I scan the scene. And low and behold, the first driver pulled up completely maskless. I was kind of surprised, and me being somewhat paranoid, I actually put mine on (not because I was afraid of getting COVID [which I have never been since the start of the whole #plandemic thing], but because I thought it might be some sort of setup since most drivers have dash cams).

It wasn’t until maybe 2–3 minutes after he started driving that he put one on. Then he had the urge to tell me he was vaccinated. I think because I had mine on and by all appearances, if one saw me without knowing me, I would imagine I look more like a COVID sheep than a COVID denier. In any case, I proceeded to take my mask off and ask him if he had gotten any side effects from it. He told me the first jab was horrible. He couldn’t move his arm for a week. Got sick from it too.

I noticed he used the term, “jab,” which is usually only used by those of us who think this whole thing is less about a virus and more about control.

Turns out I was right. By the time we got to my house, this Haitian immigrant admitted to me that not only did he wish he never had to take the unapproved vaccine, he said that if Trump had been just a little more lax or even empathetic to immigrants, he would have been the greatest president of all time.

While I’m not sure I agree with his stance on immigration, I do see his point. He, like so many looking for opportunity, just want to come here and work hard. But many times people, not just immigrants, confuse coming here legally with coming here illegally, or they lump the two together. And I also know it’s extremely hard to get a legal visa when all you want to do is drive for Uber or work at a restaurant. I get it. But it should be hard to come here. We are the leaders of the free world and we have no idea who wants to destroy us. We’re already letting in Chinese spies who are infiltrating all walks of American life. The last thing we need are gangs and terrorists bringing their way of life here.

In any case, I thought it was refreshing to know that I could divulge such info, especially from someone like that, in such a short period of time. It was a nice surprise for sure.

Then, a few hours later, I had to take an Uber back to the shop to pick up my car. I had a credit so I tried to order an Uber black but none were available. So I just got the regular old ride.

This time, it was an Indian guy driving. He was wearing a mask but it wasn’t covering his nose. I did not put mine on and by the time he started driving his wasn’t even covering his mouth. So I said, “Not a fan of the mask, eh?”

Let me just say that from that point on, it was nonstop anti-COVID talk. I even tried changing the subject a couple times but he would always revert back to it, as if there is this weight on his chest that he’s lifting by talking about it. I can’t imagine that if I had gotten that Uber black ride I was originally going for, the conversation would’ve been the same. Or, who knows, maybe it would have.

Whenever I discover like-minded patriots, it’s as if I were Winston Smith meeting someone from The Brotherhood. It truly is. There’s like a little spark in the ether. You almost want to have lunch with the person and commiserate with them. You’ve revealed a life secret to them and want to reveal more. But you stills have to be guarded because you don’t know who’s watching. We literally are living in Orwellian times.

Case in point, yesterday (Friday, July 9, 2021) my pregnant wife and I went to a fetal imaging place to get 3D scans of our baby. Towards the end of the session, the tech (who’s also the owner) asked if we wanted to record the heartbeat and put it into a stuffed animal? I looked at the animals and on the top shelf, there were 3-4 MAGA bears!!! I kid you not, we were in there for another 10 minutes talking about all the bullshyte and nonsense and evil going on. He told us his business is declining rapidly because all his social media accounts are banned and he can’t advertise anywhere, and that once potential customers find out he’s a conservative, they cancel their appointments. The secretary said that the bears come with masks on them and the tech/owner rips them off when they arrive.

He told us that his good friend died of a heart attack at 39 years old. He’s not 100% positive but he has a suspicion that he was recently vaccinated. He said there’s no way in hell anyone is going to jab him or anyone in his family. He prays to God every day that the swamp is drained and Trump is reinstated. He wants these people in jail or worse. He is sick of the sheep and the shepherds, and I couldn’t agree more. God bless this man. He is open about his position and beliefs. He’s suffering from it and yet he will not waver.

I guess the moral is, social media, the MSM, politicians, celebrities… these are not real life. Sure, they are shepherds to some extent, and sure there are a lot of sheep, but in my limited experience with strangers recently, there really is hope that not everyone is as programmable as these rotten people in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Seattle, NYC, and DC think.

Hopefully, I’ll have more hope to spread the next time I venture out of the house, whenever that might be. For now, let’s talk more. I think it really builds confidence for all parties involved. And let’s all pray because it is all in His hands.


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