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Aussie Schools: Let’s Eat Bugs!

Apparently, snacks containing bugs have been introduced to 1000 schools across Australia. Rah!!!

Granted, bugs can be high in protein and there are always exceptions but this is clearly another case of trying to normalize bug-eating.

Some may say “conspiracy theory”.

Setting aside that those people should look up those words in the dictionary, let’s not forget an article published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) on 16 July 2018 that tries to sell the idea with the usual excuse of “scarcity of resources and sustainability”.

And then there are the stupid Strategic Intelligence maps. Granted, everything is related to everything and it is difficult to map these things clearly, but these maps have no sense of hierarchy. I suspect this is by design to confuse and to look cool because complicated stuff makes the WEF look smart and we should let smart people who draw complicated diagrams run the world. The bowl of spaghetti reveals how these people’s minds work (or don’t work).

Anyway, regarding bug-eating, see the Agriculture, Food and Beverage map reproduced below. One can see that connected to “Sustainable Consumption” are “Climate Change”, “Sustainable Development” and “Green New Deals” which are self-explanatory. But also note that connected are “Behavioural Sciences” and “Youth Perspective” which is no doubt code for “brainwashing”, particularly the young.

Agriculture, Food and Beverage map (WEF,
Agriculture, Food and Beverage map (WEF,

As a sidebar: in late 2018, a chef at a school in Nebraska got fired for serving kangaroo. Yes, let’s normalize bugs but react like a narrow-minded and retarded alarmist to red meat. I wish someone served me kangaroo steak when I was at school.


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