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Aliens Ban Will Smith Attending Their “Invasions”

Aliens Ban Will Smith Attending Their “Invasions”

Grand Canyon, AZ – Slimy aliens with tentacles who want to invade and occupy planet Earth have banned Will Smith from attending any of their military events for 10 years.

The decision is in response to Smith punching an alien pilot after both had crashed during their dogfight.

In a statement, the aliens first clarified that their invasion is actually a “special operation” before describing Smith’s actions as “unacceptable and harmful”.

“Although we understand Smith as a fighter pilot may engage our forces while flying a military craft, punching the lights out of one of our pilots on the ground is uncalled for,” said some alien representative. “And our pilot denies making jokes about Smith’s wife not having long and wet tentacles like us.”

“The 10-year ban is intended to maintain the integrity of our future military operations on Earth and totally gay American action films that always blow up New York City,” added the representative.


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