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Twitter Files: PE Teachers Not Real Teachers

San Francisco, CA – Twitter Files have revealed that the platform’s Trust and Safety staff have suppressed tweets promoting the idea that PE teachers are real teachers.

“We can’t have people spreading misinformation about PE teachers being real teachers! Civilization will come to an end!” wrote one Twitter exec. “I am sure we can find something in our policy re visibility filtering.”

At one stage, discussions between staff on the company’s internal communicator got heated as to what is considered misinformation.

“My wife is a PE teacher, studied 4 yrs to get her degree. Can’t say that’s not real,” stated one middle manager. One replied, “All my high school PE teacher did was chain-smoke.” One typical response: “Just because they ask questions, hand out and mark papers doesn’t mean they’re teachers.”

Twitter executives, however, could not determine what was misinformation.

According to Twitter exec Yoel Roth: “Everyone is entitled to their opinion but anyone who says PE teachers are real teachers are conspiracy theorists. We could at least label such tweets as ‘unsafe’. Unless, of course, that PE teacher is a guy and he’s hot, ok, he’s a real teacher then.”

Twitter Files: PE Teachers Not Real Teachers

In the end, however, not only were such tweets mostly suppressed, views of PE teachers not being real teachers were “amplified”. According to another executive:

“We’re mostly libtards here, so the only PE teachers that are real teachers are the ones who sleep with their students—I mean, it’s a disgrace there wasn’t one of those when I was in high school. Anyway, those tweets can go on the whitelist and rest can go on the blacklist.”

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