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Trump Recommends the Vaccines?

Donald Trump at the Alabama rally talked about the vaccines and emphasized people’s freedoms before he said, “But… I recommend take the vaccines! I did it, it’s good. Take the vaccines.”

Lamestream media reports “boos and jeers” but it’s difficult to tell from some of the videos available. There was obviously a negative reaction from some which he tried to handle.

COVID vaccination is one of the things from Trump I don’t agree with, and this comment is difficult to read. There is no way he is not aware of the potential dangers of the currently available vaccines.

  • Is he, after all, one of “them”? He could be. However, his actions and how he has been treated the past four to five years suggest not. I expect him to at least pretend to play ball with at least one faction to avoid assassination, so the whole vaccination thing, including this comment, could be a form of lip service.

  • When he first announced the vaccine development, he sounded like he was trolling. It was as if he said, “I’m giving you a chance to develop a vaccine by November. If you fail, I will hold it against you and you won’t get another chance.” If that was the gamble, then it partly failed since vaccines are being pushed. Of course, it is difficult to entirely hide the adverse events and deaths so at least a portion of the population are nonetheless (increasingly) aware of the dangers.

  • Given the above, the availability of vaccines could still be a tactic. I have never heard Trump threaten vaccination mandates. It was as if he said, “If vaccines are available, then the other measures such as lockdowns and masks are unnecessary, and lives can continue for most people. Like every other vaccine, some will take it, some won’t. Either way, pick one, and if you insist on everything still, then you are revealing your true intentions for control.” This is generally happening and at least some of the population are increasingly aware due to that.

  • It is possible Trump had the intention to develop a more proper vaccine (not that I would trust it anyway) and the effort was obviously hijacked. Whether that well-intentioned program continued or not, and maybe he got that one, this comment could be a reference to that. In other words, it’s another form of trolling.

Most of the above do not exclude each other.

On balance, I still don’t like this comment. He could have not mentioned it at all. The most optimistic interpretation is that it is lip service and a thinly veiled way to say, “You’re free not to take it.” The most pessimistic is that with respect to the COVID vaccine, he is one of “them”.

On a related note: I don’t have any inside knowledge but I suspect that those in the good guys camp are probably waiting for the opportunity to act. (And by “good guys”, Trump may or may not be part of it. He is only one man anyway.) There is presumably something in the bigger picture they are not confident about.

But the longer one waits, the more of the population receive these injections even if others wake up. Granted, there’s always going to be casualties and so-called collateral damage but, to state the obvious, I think time is running out for all sides.

There are two sidebars:

1. This assumes, as many doctors predict with good reason, that these so-called vaccines cannot be undone. But what if there is a way (for those who are not dead)? There is a lot of tech hidden from the public. This may explain the willingness to play the patience card.

2. What if the vaccine uptake stats are inflated to pressure people? It’s like lamestream media rigging the opinion polls for before an election. If that’s the case, then less people are actually in danger, and it also means the frequency of adverse reactions is worse than reported.


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