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Francis: COVID Vaccination “an act of love”

In case one isn’t convinced that the Roman church has been infiltrated for the past half a century or so, here’s another reason…

Francis and a few cardinals appear in a PR video promoting COVID vaccines. It starts with the usual diplomacy, that vaccines should be available to all. If, hypothetically, there is a safe and effective vaccine available, then of course it should be available to all (who need it). That is right and proper.

However, they go further by outright stating that the vaccines are indeed “safe and effective” and that getting the vaccine is “an act of love”.

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise as this is generally consistent to the humanist waffle coming from Rome since at least the 1960s, first applied to theology, then branching out to the political, economic and social spheres. To cover that history will require a multi-volume text.


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