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The New World Order by A. Ralph Epperson

The New World Order is a brief look at the “New World Order” as pushed by various parties including secret societies and international bankers, amongst others. It has 39 chapters. Epperson first discusses freemasonry and its aims. In this regard, the content in these chapters is similar to Masonry: Conspiracy against Christianity except this book does not merely review freemasonic literature. The author then examines modern history, including key figures Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler and Albert Pike, the Illuminati, the philosophy of humanism and its implications, as well as communism and the attack on religion, family, education and property.

In short, what is observable in modern history is attributable to freemasonic and satanic philosophy and its program.

The New World Order by A. Ralph Epperson

The New World Order covers the subject in a highly generalized manner. It has breadth rather than depth. To those who are unfamiliar with the subject, this is probably as convenient a starting point as any. Otherwise, it can still serve as a convenient reference since the author does include endnotes, a selected bibliography and an index. One could simplistically think of this book as halfway between The Unseen Hand and Masonry: Conspiracy against Christianity. Whilst the text is written for a general audience and is easily accessible, the font and line spacing can be larger.


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