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Study: Ivermectin Can Help Severe COVID-19 Cases

An Iranian study by M. Varnaseri et al titled “Ivermectin as a Potential Addition to the Limited Anti-COVID-19 Arsenal: A Double-Blinded Clinical Trial” published on 30 April 2024 finds that Ivermectin is helpful for those infected with COVID-19.

The paper is 10 pages long and is an easy read.

The study period was from 30 July 2020 to 15 June 2021 and involved a total of 110 patients, 62 male and 48 female, with an average age of approximately 53 years. The control and intervention groups each had 55 patients, 31 male and 24 female, and maintained comparable average age.

The study involved those with moderate to severe illness, and excluded those with mild illness or “requiring ICU admission at the outset of the study”, and those sensitive to ivermectin, amongst other conditions.

Both groups received the “standard” treatment which interestingly included, amongst other things, Remdesivir which I cannot see being helpful but that is beside the point. The intervention group received 14 mg of ivermectin every 12 hours for 3 days. The control group received the placebo in the same manner.

Generally, those treated with ivermectin had a shorter period of symptom resolution and “improved the qualitative CRP and LDH levels compared to placebo at discharge” although there was no significant difference in some areas such as the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) levels.

The most notable difference is in ICU admissions and those requiring intubation: the control group had 18 and 11 whereas the intervention group had merely 3 and 2.

According to our results, 32.7% of the placebo group and only 5.5% of those administered ivermectin required ICU admission during hospitalization, which showed a significant difference (P < 0.001). Furthermore, the median periods of hospitalization in the placebo group and the group treated with ivermectin were 6 (5 - 6) days and 4 (4 - 4) days, respectively, which showed that the duration of hospitalization was significantly higher in the placebo group.

In short, although the sample is not huge, it is clear that ivermectin can help even in severe cases.

Table 3: Comparison of Time to Symptom Resolution in the Studied Groups.
Table 3: Comparison of Time to Symptom Resolution in the Studied Groups.

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