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Pfizer Used Different Vaccine Batch for Its Employees

Talk has been circulating for quite some time about different batches of COVID-19 “vaccines”. Plausible but practically impossible to verify. Amongst others, Dr Mike Yeadon claims based on the available data that there is too much variation of adverse events across the batches.

Well, at the Australian Senate Hearing, Pfizer representatives admit to using a different batch of vaccines from what is supplied to the government for its own employees and colleagues, implying logistical reasons, of course… but one has to wonder.

They also deny the vaccine was first developed for the US DoD.

As for indemnity conditions in their contract with governments (which have been floating around on the internet), they cannot comment because it is “confidential”. How convenient.

Two conclusions one can make from this short snippet:

  1. Pfizer likes to not give a straight answer, even though they’re not very good at evasion.

  2. They are hiding something.

Maybe the only injections that should be given at this stage are truth serums.


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