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Dr Yeadon on Bad Vaccine Batches and Depopulation

In November 2021, a claim was circulated that the COVID-19 vaccines came in three (3) variations: (1) saline placebo, (2) mRNA vaccine and (3) “kill shot”. This was at least in part based on what one Slovenian nurse said.

Given the wide range of adverse effects, it is plausible but impossible to verify. It is certainly consistent to depopulation if that is the aim.

On 7 January 2022, Dr Mike Yeadon took part in Session 86 of the Corona Investigative Committee ( that is headed by attorney Dr Reiner Fuellmich.

Dr Yeadon provides evidence supporting the claim. In short, there are great variations in the number of adverse events associated with each vaccine batch/lot.

Pharmaceutical companies are good at mass producing drugs that are consistent, the process involving regulators pertinent to each step, so it is practically impossible to have such variance in between each batch. It also seems the worse batches are coincidentally the most widely distributed.

Yeadon does discuss arguments and other considerations in the video but, given the total body of evidence such as the lack of long-term trials, the invalid PCR tests and the lack of transparency in the media, he and Fuellmich think this suggests the deliberate act of depopulation. Fuellmich seems to be particularly convinced that the variation between batches is a calculated effort to hide vaccine deaths.

The website How Bad is My Batch? ( keeps track of the so-called bad batches.

Below are two graphs that Yeadon presented. The first shows the serious adverse events for the flu shot and one can see the consistency despite two outliers. The second shows the serious adverse events for the COVID-19 vaccines.

Serious Adverse Events for Flu Vaccines
Serious Adverse Events for Flu Vaccines

Serious Adverse Events for COVID-19 Vaccines
Serious Adverse Events for COVID-19 Vaccines

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