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New Zealand Authorities Arrest “Winston Smith”

In case one still isn’t convinced that New Zealand is run by absolute c—, perhaps this might.

A few days ago, a video was posted in which a whistleblower who works (or worked?) at the New Zealand Ministry of Health revealed and discussed record-level data. This courageous individual went by the name “Winston Smith”.

This data showed, amongst other things, evidence of excess mortality since the vaccine rollout and that for one particular batch of Pfizer vaccines, 152 of 711 recipients died (21.38%).

Credit to Steve Kirsch for promoting this and he has written his own discussion in an article.

Now, not surprisingly, someone just got arrested and it ain’t New Zealand government officials. This someone is presumably the abovementioned “Winston Smith”.

A 56-year-old man was arrested this [Sunday] afternoon in relation to the “unauthorised disclosure and misuse of data”, police said. He is charged with accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes and will appear in Wellington District Court tomorrow.

Well of course it is “dishonest” and a “misuse of data”, it reveals what the authorities were and still are trying to hide.

According to the news article, it’s all a “conspiracy theory” and it makes it sound like it is some privacy breach. Well, maybe it is, but no private details were revealed in the video.

Ministry of Health chief executive Margie Apa doubled down.

“What this individual is trying to claim about vaccines is completely wrong and ill-informed, and their comments demonstrate this. The person has no clinical background or expert vaccine knowledge and appears to be trying to spread misinformation,” Apa said. “Vaccination is safe and effective, and everyone should keep up to date with their shots to protect themselves, whānau and their communities.”

Sure, go get your fifth or sixth shot! Get twenty!

And on a related note, last time I checked, Dr Reiner Fuellmich is still in jail.

“Winston Smith”
“Winston Smith”

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