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Gigachurch Wins Church Games

Phoenix, AZ – A non-denominational gigachurch won the 2020 Church Games held in Phoenix Thursday.

Despite the pandemic, many churches from around the world participated, including a few megachurches, gigachurches and a previously unheard of evangelical terachurch.

There was only one event. The band from each of the participating churches would play a verse and the chorus of the set song. They did not need to play when it was not their turn. However, the vocalists must keep their arms raised in a “worship posture”; that is, at least six inches above the hip. The winner was determined by the vocalist who kept their arms raised for the longest.

A gigachurch from California won. Their vocalist, Tanya Jones, managed to keep her arms raised for 51 verses and choruses.

“I know every church is different; we start off with three or four songs every Sunday,” said Jones, “but I was a little surprised I managed to keep my arms up for all that time. Going into 2021, I know I can start with like six songs and go through them eight or nine times each!”


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