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For God and Country

I usually despise writing timed or urgent posts. Admittedly, it’s because when it comes to writing, I am terrible at deadlines. For one, I’m not particularly that good a writer. I’m also not a very good editor of my own work. I like to write my thoughts down and whatever comes comes. It’s closest to my speaking voice and most authentic. But that’s not always the most responsible thing to do as a blogger, or commentator, or whatever it is I do here.

Yet, here I am. Writing a timed post in response to a tweet I read earlier today (Saturday, December 13, 2020). The tweet was from someone that goes by @Hotel3_ with whom I am not at all familiar. But I am very familiar with Lin Wood and follow his Twitter account. He liked Hotel3_’s tweet which brought it to my feed. The tweet read, “I was just informed by more than one reliable source that this weekend would be a very good time to stock up. Two weeks food, water, meds, essentials. Possibly more if things go south...” That tweet was dated 12/12/20 @ 8:04pm EST.

Now normally these kind of tweets would pique my interest but not much more. I’d probably read some of the replies, chuckle, and then half dismiss it until a week goes by and I forget about it altogether. But for some reason I got this churning in my stomach. I told my wife and she got on her phone and placed an Instacart order for tonight just to top off our food supply.

An hour or so went by and my nerves calmed a little. Then I decided to watch a documentary my mother-in-law recommended called American Gospel. While I was watching, I sent a message to Fat Man to get his thoughts. As I watched the doc and waited for FM to get back to me, I started to conjure up this very clear picture.

You see, in the doc they describe God’s wrath and love working together much like how good parents raise their young. They are patient with their children but not too patient. They are lenient but not too lenient. They protect their children even when their protection is not wanted or even appreciated. They do what’s best for their children even when they are disrespected or worse. The phrase, "tough love" comes to mind and I think this is essentially what tough love means. It means doing what needs to be done so that people, however ungrateful or childish or selfish they may seem, continue to live their lives the way they see fit. With free will. To do as they please. For good or bad, and many times both.

Underneath that original tweet, was a somewhat alarming reply by user @TheRising1776 which said, "Russia and China has been positioning their military headed straight for America and today Russia "TESTED" 4 (ICBM) in the black sea. Any of those could hit a US city. The 90's pact between Russia and China: conquer America and Canada and kill all Americans then split the lands." For some reason, I am able to partition my brain and know that a normal me would think this sounds like high conspiracy-type stuff, and by that I mean people who say these types of things are usually trying to make themselves more interesting and trying to gain more attention than what they usually garner from their mundane lives.

But then there is the other side, the more curious side, the more paranoid side that makes me want to look into this more, mostly for my own peace of mind. So I sent this to Fat Man as well and patiently waited while I continued on with the documentary.

As I watched, the theme of God's wrath and God's love constantly reminded me–of all people–President Donald Trump. Here is a man who did not have to run for office. Despite what the media and his opponents would want you to believe, he isn't gaining anything personally by being the President. If anything, he is losing a lot, personally. But like a good parent, he is caring for his children even when they do not appreciate it. Even when they rebel against him. Even when they rather him die.

No sooner did these thoughts come that I then got a reply from Fat Man and he was pretty alarmed as well. Usually, I get a little concerned about something and he brings me back down. This time, he seemed just as alarmed as I. I think it's also because he is getting on a plane tomorrow and really if something does go down, he would be thousands of miles from home and his family. He sent me a Bitchute video corroborating some of the strange things going on and also said that his mother heard from people in Japan that the consensus there is that war with China is inevitable.

If you all knew my journey...

If I could somehow explain it in a coherent way, you'd understand how even though I sound crazy, it all feels like fate, like I have been on this amusement park ride where the tracks go in one direction no matter how random it may seem.

The documentary, the tweet, Fat Man and his corroboration, the timing of it all and how I feel it's my duty to write this at 12:50 AM to the 5-6 people who might actually read this. Trump. The movement caused by a resistance to the New World Order, social justice, faithlessness, and every other progressive cancerous thought. Q or Qanon. The Battle of Good vs. Evil. The financial reset and the digitizing of currency. All of this is not coincidental. There is a feeling in the air that we are quickly approaching a breaking point. And it is NOT the same as Y2K or climate scares of the present and past, 2012, or any other anticlimactic cataclysmic prediction. This has a God-fearing aspect to it, but not in Heaven's Gate or some other occultist paranoia. There's a sense of the technological singularity to it as well. An overall alarming and scary aura to it, and I will admit for the first time I really am paranoid as to what the immediate future holds for us. Immediate as referenced in the tweets above: weeks, and maybe even days.

The bright side is, the chances of nothing happening are large. In fact, I will be able to sleep tonight, just like I am every night, by the simple fact that we are always on the brink of something and the only reason we are not overcome by tyranny is because of the power of this great country and who is running it currently (and hopefully for the next four years).

It is why we spend trillions on military budgets. There are forces actively working to bring us down 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From China, to Russia, to the Middle East, Central and South America, and more. We all love Game of Thrones because we fear the unexpected. But we take comfort in the fact that it is fiction. Well, guess what? It is NOT fiction. Actually, reality is much worse. When our heroes die, they don't come back to life. We are protected from evil each and every day by our military and armed forces, by our law enforcement, our first responders, and a leader that vowed to put America first. He came to protect us from not only outside forces, but from ourselves.

When Obama was president, he sold this country to China. Hillary Clinton was supposed to win and keep the destruction of America going. But when Trump ran I didn't know then that it was a sign from God. When he won, he altered the course of the NWO and China's power over the USA. But now Joe Biden is on the brink of handing that power right back to China, and they seemed poised to take it whether or not he wins.

It's all about the timing.

Four more years of Donald Trump and China might seriously fall into a lot of trouble. So would the Bidens and the Clintons and the Obamas and many others. Do you honestly think they (the most powerful people and societies in the world) would allow that to happen without fighting tooth and nail?

I am praying our leaders and our military take each and every warning seriously. I do the same. I urge you, as does Hero3_, to do the same as well. At the very least, you'll have some extra water and food and medical supplies for a rainy day. Or if you never end up needing them, you can donate them.

And one last thing.

As Fat Man preps for his plane trip, he told me I should write this in an article. I told him I was going to but that for the most part, I would be preaching to an albeit very small choir–as we are new and still trying to work up a dedicated reader base. In large part, most people do not change. It's why God punishes in eternity. He does so knowing the evil in man is partly circumstance as well as the man himself. Men usually cling to that which is most convenient or beneficial to him. That which is hard is least traveled, but also more likely to be the true path. Faith is not easy, but I believe it is right and just. God's rules are rigid and forever, no excuses, no apologies. How could you put all your faith and trust into something less? Only a very small portion truly change their ways, their perspective, their views on life, faith, and the meaning of it all. Only a few can see what path they are on and realize it to be the wrong one. Even fewer actually do something about it, are willing to risk everything because they want to change paths to better themselves, their family, and most importantly, their standing and relationship with God.

I told Fat Man that in these scary times, that's when you really find out how prepared you are. He replied and said that he is not so prepared. I told him whatever the case, live as you would. There's no sense in living in fear. The only fear you should have is the fear of God, and that is a good fear. It makes everything else all right. I told him that never more than now do I realize that no matter what, if God is by your side, everything will be fine.

I also told him a rather graphic story that I will share here. If you are queasy you may want to stop reading. I think I made a strong enough point already. But if you want an explanation point, read on:

I remember a long time ago watching a video on Ogrish (a deprecated site that was replaced by LiveLeak) of a Russian soldier executing a Chechen soldier. The Chechen soldier was on the ground with the Russian soldier's foot holding his head down. The Russian pulled out a knife and rather than slitting his throat the way you'd think, the way they show in movies, he stabbed him in the middle of his neck and pushed the knife outward. Why he did this, I have no idea. But it made the Chechen soldier's scream mix with gurgling blood. Obviously, I'll never forget seeing that. BUT, the point is, even in that moment of utter fear and excruciating pain, we can learn from Jesus who died a much more gruesome death. He went through it all, to the bitter end, to bring us salvation. Because even when he questioned God's motives, within the depths of his soul he knew that God was all-knowing, all-powerful, and most importantly, with him, and that there would be no pain. So even at your imagination's worst, God is there. Even if the worst thing in your mind becomes reality, you can take comfort in Him. In knowing that no matter what, He brings salvation. He brings everlasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven.


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