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Why I've Supported 45 from the Get-go

It's late 2014. I've spent the last two years living in Brooklyn, under the so-called leadership of Warren Wilhelm, Jr. (a.k.a. Bill de Blasio). I watched hundreds of N.Y.P.D.'s finest turn their backs on him as he walked towards a funeral home where a memorial was being held for two fallen officers, assassinated while they sat on patrol in their cruiser.

Before then, I was somewhat of a nihilist. I didn't believe life mattered all that much. I thought we were insignificant beings that would die and return to dust, and then all die out once the sun swallows up the earth in a few billion years... if not, before that.

But when those officers were shot for no other reason than being cops, for some reason, I realized that life does matter. I mean, I knew life mattered, but not in a way that impacted me enough to change my whole perspective. To see how personal the entirety of the New York police force took this cold-blooded double-murder, to me seemed bigger than just a cop killing. And when they made their statement in defiance of Chief Bill Bratton and de Blasio, for the first time in a long time, I witnessed a real protest against American authority. And I knew right then, that the culture of the country had changed.

Maybe it changed before that. Maybe it's been this way but I never realized it. But at that moment I realized that all the left, liberals, and democrats stood for–which was once progressive, radical, and non-conformist–was now the policy of the establishment, the status quo, the mainstream culture.

Professors were now teaching things I read decades ago in what used to be alternative books like Howard Zinn's, A People's History of the United States. One no longer has to hide or even be ashamed of being homosexual anymore. Even transgender people and sexual deviants have come out from the shadows, fully embraced by society and heralded for their bravery. Ideologies and cultures that were fringe and marginal have now become more mainstream and accepted. Once these often misguided and flat out wrong modes of thought weren't cast back into the darkness from which they came, they shot out like the oppressed, caged animals they were, hungry for more. They wanted undivided attention and even more, they wanted revenge. Revenge for being oppressed, made fun of, cast as freaks, and even beaten, bullied or even killed.

The list of revenge-seekers wasn't limited to the freaks of society though. They were the nerds in school who became Silicon Valley and Seattle; the drama queen thespians who became Hollywood; even the jocks of the sports world. Many had one thing in common and it wasn't the bullies or oppressors they sought revenge on. No, that commonality was bad parents or a missing parent, or no parents at all. From the professors themselves–who, let's be honest, many of whom are failed professionals trying to salvage themselves by teaching the very things they failed at, or worse, things that don't apply to real life in the first place–to anyone seeking something more than equality, these revenge-seekers are out for blood.

They don't want equal pay or equal opportunity. They want their "oppressors" (namely, males, and more specifically, white males) to suffer. They must cast them into the abyss, at the bottom of a pit of snakes, fire, and excrement. They must make them suffer for all the abuse and bullying. As an aside, whatever the real numbers [1] may be, the fact that the voice of the LGBTQ (and other groups like BLM, Antifa, and Climate activists) is so loud and growing by the minute, shows me two things. One, that the bullies and the bullied have switched roles. And two, bystanders will always support the bullies, even when it looks like the bullies are the victims.

And these so-called oppressors, the white man, or anyone who might support capitalism, law enforcement, the armed forces, religion, the Constitution, they've accepted the act of sending their jobs across seas, paying more taxes for things that do not benefit them, opening up the borders to people who take advantage of them, letting women, kids, and hate-filled individuals disrespect them, belittle them, and drive them to the edge and beyond. Most of them just drink it all away. Some turn to drugs. Some turn violent. Some turn very violent. All because they've been told they are the enemy, the bully, that they're inherently racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, oppressors of people of color and/or different genders; that they have some sort of unquantifiable privilege because of their skin color. So many of them believe it, even when many of them are the opposite of these things.

I realized that our way of life was slowly and methodically being taken away from us from the inside. We had been eating ourselves up and filling ourselves with guilt. Universities, the media, music and movies were all indoctrinating us with the idea that we were evil, that our forefathers had committed atrocities on people of color and women, and that we continue to do so to this day.

In no particular order, we started to feel guilt for "stealing" this land from people that were referred to as savages. Not because they were naked (although it fits Bible narratives), but because they killed each other without mercy and most of the time unprovoked. We "took" their land from them and left them the dregs.

We were guilted into rebelling our history because of slavery. Now, no-one in the western world condones the practice of slavery, and that I have to preface this part with that statement is ridiculous in and of itself. But there isn't anyone alive in America today that is twice removed from being a slave. Slavery ended in 1845. But segregation, on the other hand, continued well into the 1960s and I honestly believe many people conflate the two. Some do it through sheer ignorance or by accident. Others do so to make their argument stronger. Either way, slavery and segregation are inhumane and must never see the light of day again. And anywhere it exists, it should cease to exist. That being said, in America, and many, if not all, western civilizations, they precisely do not exist. We saw errors in our system and corrected them. People of all colors helped and aided in bringing both slavery and segregation to an end. It's OVER. And the only way to heal is to make sure it never happens again and MOVE ON.

The Jews remember the Holocaust. They do not blame the Germans of today. Japanese-Americans remember internment camps. They do not blame Americans today. And believe it or not, many Black-Americans do not blame Americans today for slavery. It is a smaller percentage that make all the noise when most people just want to live normal, quiet, peaceful, and productive lives. They want to remember but forget at the same time. They want to move on. They want to find harmony.

But the revenge-seekers, they wouldn't be able to see harmony if it were Buddha himself, or Allah himself, or Krishna himself showing it to them. They want none of harmony. They want pain and suffering. They want what was done to them to be reversed and then some. It's not a matter of an eye for an eye with these people. If you make fun of a snowflake, they want to hit you. If you question their beliefs, they want you to lose your job and put your name on a blacklist. If you prove them wrong, they want you to go to jail and lose your freedom. If you tickle their fragile sense of being, they want you dead.

And so more and more of these people started to surround me. From government leaders to friends and family members, co-workers, and everything in-between. Either they were filled with guilt or they were filled with hate. It started to feel suffocating. Then, in 2016, I moved to Philadelphia. I started to write for a newspaper in University City, home of the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy-League school. I was surrounded by a lot of college kids and many of them voiced their liberal opinions in this local paper. Much of their concerns were of the redundant variety: Climate Change, Equal Rights, Feminism, Free Healthcare, Free College Tuition, Gun-Control, Abortion, you get it. The more I saw these opinions, the older I felt and the less I agreed with their positions.

But I felt isolated. These self-righteous students and the professors brainwashing them had the platform and had no plans of getting off the stage. It was enough to make me consider someone like Ted Cruz or John Kasich in the upcoming election.

Then entered a billionaire businessman with a flair for the dramatic and a mouth that was never shy from telling it as he saw it. When Donald J. Trump announced he was going to run in the 2016 election, it didn't just make waves, it made tsunamis.

My wife admitted to me a couple days after he announced his campaign that she secretly hoped he'd win. I told her it was a joke, a diversion, a way to bring attention to the party and that he'd step off and some establishment pilot fish republican would steal all of his momentum.

But he didn't step off or fade away. He grew. He got stronger. People started following him, not for his celebrity, but for what he was saying to real American people. I'm sure those of you reading this already know what I'm talking about. But you also don't mind hearing it over and over again.

He promised the American people he would bring our jobs back from overseas. He promised he would bring our troops back and end senseless wars. He promised he would lower taxes across the board. He promised he would build the wall and focus on stern but fair immigration policy. He promised he would take care of the veterans, the police, the armed forces. He promised he would appoint traditionalist judges who would uphold The Constitution of the United States. He promised he would fight against abortion. He promised he would fight for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. He promised he would get America out of deals that disproportionately helped other countries at our expense. He promised he would grow our economy to sights we'd never seen before.

Now, of course, he did campaign on a few things he hasn't addressed. Like stopping debt spending, revamping our infrastructure, or replacing Obamacare with better healthcare options. But for all the things listed above, which are more than any other president has even campaigned on, let alone tried to implement, HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED!

I was on board from the time I realized he was here to stay. I was skeptical and cynical at first. Not because I didn't like him or his character, but because I thought they would laugh him off–and they tried–and he'd be forgotten and things would go back to their shitty normal.

But his campaigns aren't why I decided to write this. His accomplishments aren't why I decided to write this. The reason I decided to back Donald Trump and the reason I decided to write this is because of everyone else.

It is now 2020. November 3rd has come and gone and many Americans believe Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States in January 2021. Now, I must admit that the chances are small, and get smaller every passing day–no matter how much the evidence actually grows–but there is still a chance that Trump can officially win the election and remain leader of the free world.

This part of the post isn't for the Trump base, though. This is for everyone else. For those that think he is a racist, white supremacist. Find one quote where he gives support to white supremacy, to groups who promote white supremacy. And do me a favor, before you send me "very fine people" watch this:

For those that think he is only looking out for his best interests, tell me why he hasn't taken one presidential paycheck, an annual salary of $400,000USD? Tell me why he removed himself from all of his business dealings? Tell me why someone in his 70's, living a fantastic life, doing whatever he pleases, being loved by millions of people, would want to be the President of the United States? He already had the money. He was making more than Obama or Clinton or the Bush's. If anything, becoming President was a step DOWN for him.

For those that think he was helped by Russia or the Ukraine or China, or that he buddies up with dictators because he identifies with them more and that that should be cause for alarm and that he shouldn't have access to the country's nuclear codes. Ever heard the term, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer? I've yet to see any nukes launched. And the one and only time he launched any sort of missile, was when the mainstream media actually praised him for striking Syria. But he has yet to start any new wars or enter into any existing ones. He has brought home thousands of troops from around the world, and on holidays he flies out and spends time with soldiers serving abroad.

I'm not going to spend the rest of this post trying to debunk all of the vitriol people say about Donald Trump. All I can say is that every single thing they say about him can easily be disproved. Even the comment about grabbing them (women) by know what. It was a private conversation. Maybe women can't understand. Maybe some men (mainly beta males who don't particularly like the idea of dominance and gender roles) don't understand either. But most men do understand that comment. If you've ever played a sport and were somewhat good at it, you've played with older players. Older players hand down customs, from tips on how to conduct yourself of the field or court or whatever, to gamesmanship advantages (a.k.a. cheating), to other things like life skills. Some men like to brag. Okay, all men like to brag once in a while. And when you are in a locker room with a bunch of other guys, it is one of the few safe spaces a guy know that term right?

That tour bus Trump was on was a locker room setting, just like he said. He was confiding in a younger guy who seemed impressionable. He was bragging a bit. In my honest opinion, I don't think he would ever grab a woman who didn't want to be grabbed. I honestly believe that. Is that good Christian behavior? Not really. But we've seen pastors, priests, and fathers alike, do much worse. I'm not trying to excuse anyone, but people are quick to forget that we all say some inappropriate things at different times in our lives. When this clip was recorded he had no intentions of running for president. Just like when Obama admitted to smoking marijuana when he was younger...or was it Clinton, or was it Bush? Either way, we all just sort of laughed it off and looked the other way. But not with Trump.

There is this fascination with trying to make him look like the most evil person to ever serve the office. They call him a Nazi. They mock behead him. They mock execute him. They edit every word he says and turn it into propaganda. They honestly think he did a horrible job of handling the Chinese COVID-19 virus. I'd say a 99.9% survival rate is pretty good odds. I'd say promoting therapeutics and using it as a way to attack big pharma and lower drug prices is pretty good practice. I'd say a vaccine–that everyone is crying about–developed, tested, and made available to the public in less than a year is nothing short of miraculous. I'd say shutting down our borders from Chinese tourists was a good idea, even when Not-So-President-Elect Joe Biden said it was racist and xenophobic of him to do so.

Look, the truth is I back Donald Trump because I haven't changed one bit. I am still very anti-government. I am still very anti-establishment. I am still very anti-a lot of things. It is everyone else who has changed. Look at Snoop Dogg. Look at Rage Against the Machine. Look at all these voices who used to be anti-establishment. They are now very pro-establishment. Why? Because they all made money and realized it's not the establishment that kept them down. They are no longer down because of the establishment. They are no longer down, period.

Well, Donald Trump is against the establishment. Heard the term, "Drain the swamp?" The swamp is the establishment. I will always be behind someone willing to rid a very fine ship of all its rats. That's why he decided to run in 2016. That's why he decided to run again. That's why he continues to fight to win this still very contested and open election. It has nothing to do with ego, however ironic his drive to win is. It has nothing to do with becoming more rich or more powerful. He had that in spades. Someone said they wished they were rich so they could give it all away. I truly believe he is in a similar position. He wants to help. He's fighting for the underdog, the everyday American, the voiceless, the powerless, the unrepresented.

Why can't we see that?


[1] I will be going into more depth on this topic and how minority groups create the illusion of being a majority issue, especially when it comes to supposedly irrefutable groups like Climate activists and scientists, as well as the aforementioned LGBTQ, BLM, and others.


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