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Christmas Spirit

We’re almost at the third Sunday of Advent. Some of us are no doubt getting into the so-called Christmas spirit. For others, there’s no significant change.

Generally, it’s none of our business what you do. But this has been making the rounds on social media and admittedly difficult to ignore. (Apparently, the original post has since been removed.) Anyway, some hack associated with CareRepro abortion clinics has put surgical tools on top of the Christmas tree.

Awww… how nice.

The decorations can be better matched to the colors of the instruments but other than that it’s nice to see one has tried to make it into a star. How creative. Apart from the fact that abortion is a destructive act which involves removing babies in pieces. Apart from that.

It’s probably just as well Our Lord was born over 2000 years ago when these folks and these clinics weren’t around. Imagine if the Incarnation occurred in this generation. Mary is an unmarried young woman, and people may not know about Joseph. Either way, it’s not his child anyway. These people will probably try to convince Her to have an abortion like it’s a virtue.


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