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Astronaut Woman Asks Man for Space, Gets Blown Out of Airlock

Astronaut Woman Asks Man for Space, Gets Blown Out of Airlock

Bravo Station – A woman has been blown out of the airlock by her boyfriend after asking him for “some space”.

“I just wanted to ask her when she had some free time and she’s like ‘You’re crowding me, I want some space’ and all that,” said the man, “so I blew her out of the airlock… plenty of space out there.”

According to cameras inside and outside of the orbital station, the woman managed to snap her helmet in place just before the man opened the doors of the airlock.

Despite being sucked out with some force, the woman somehow clung onto the handle bars and repeatedly banged on the closed doors, begging to be let back in. The man had walked away from the airlock by then, so the woman made her way back onboard the station via another airlock.

“She’s pretty clingy for someone who thinks I’m being clingy,” said the man.


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