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With COVID and Progressivism, There’s No Need to Imagine Communism

Before the government started scaring everyone and forcing businesses to close and people to stay home, the US economy was booming. We were energy-independent. Employment was up. Production was up. We were more focused on national growth and stability than global conflicts and trying to save everyone else. We were doing so well that many countries were just starting to realize that maybe their models were wrong and the American model was working. Countries like Sweden and of course the UK and Brexit (who admittedly started the nationalist movement before the USA) were starting to have second thoughts about globalization.

Former President Trump (it pains me to write that) reversed our deals with China. They were now paying us, and our jobs were slowly coming back from the land of cheap labor. No longer were they taking our jobs and our intellectual property and our money and our real estate like they were in the Obama days. Now they were losing jobs, paying tariffs, and buying American products.

Many can argue this, but what better way to reverse all that than to unleash a global virus directly aimed at America and specifically at the Trump administration? Shut down everything. Erase Trump’s progress and everything he did to bring the country back to its superpower status.

Then, when it looked like everyone but Joe Biden would be the democratic candidate, the other candidates start dropping like flies and you have to know that Kamala Harris, the first to drop out, must’ve used all her "talents" to land that VP spot.

How convenient that China Joe, or Chow Bai Deng as some are calling him, not only got nominated, but actually won despite not leaving his basement, snapping at his own voter base, calling the military names, making excuses for Antifa and BLM, not being able to read a teleprompter, speaking incoherent sentences, sniffing kids in an awkward manner (as if sniffing kids in any manner isn’t awkward), avoiding the topic of his son, trying to gaslight the public on just about everything he campaigned on, criticizing Trump without proposing any real solutions, and on and on and on.

As many have pointed out, Biden got over 80 million votes, yet he can’t get 10 people to his rallies or his inauguration or watch his videos on YouTube. I don’t even want to get into all the evidence of voter fraud. It’s futile because of the fix orchestrated by China, the globalists, sellout American politicians aka The Swamp, the mainstream media, academia, entertainment, and foolish sheep-like liberals willing to give up more and more freedom for a false sense of security.

So they got what they wanted. The swamp prevailed. Depending on who you ask, the reasons this is a good thing will vary. Everyday Biden supporters or liberals or even anti-Trumpers will say it’s good for progress, it’s good for optics, it’s good that we have our first female Vice President. I can’t believe people still think this way. To me, Kamala is a poor example to show my daughter. She is a horrible person who is vain, selfish, corrupt, and will do anything for money and power. That is not the type of person or the kind of success I want my daughter to strive for or want to emulate.

But no matter who you ask, the government, and the globalist movement, and the communists are moving forward. The idea of communism is not totally bad. I mean there were a lot of very smart people who were communists. One of my favorite writers, Albert Camus, was a communist. So its appeal is understandable and on the surface, it sounds idyllic and utopian. But people that have power use it. And the more they have the more they want. Very much like money. So many people say that they want money so they can give it away. So few actually practice that. Because once you get it you know it’s not something that comes easy. Therefore, you either spend it all or you keep it for yourself.

The same goes for power. Maybe even more so. And with communism, if you’re fortunate enough to be at the top, then you have all the power. You have all the money. You have all the products and services and resources at your disposal. Are you going to just give it all away as you promised? Or are you going to realize that if you do that, you no longer have all the power and money and shiny new things? Of course, you’re going to hoard it.

Then what happens?

Well, I was at the grocery store the other day and while the clerk was scanning my things, I asked him if I could get a book of stamps.

“Sorry,” he said with a perplexed look. “We’ve been out for the past five days.” He went on to say how strange he thought it was but I didn’t think it was strange at all.

I, like many homeowners, have been working on my house since all we can do nowadays is shop at large corporate stores and sit at home in front of a computer screen. But because of COVID, everything is either on backorder or completely sold out. My employer, who still pays me with a physical check, used to send them to me in the mail. But the USPS is so disorganized that I have to drive to the office every few weeks and pick it up. Not a huge deal on its own. None of these inconveniences are a huge deal on their own, but they all add up. And when they do, you have a nice picture of what things would be like if America was a socialist/communist country.

I cannot count how many times I’ve seen people's patience tested at every level with the lack of production, services, and resources over this past COVID-plagued year. Not only has the quantity of each dissipated, but the quality as well. And it’s all tolerated under the guise of the China virus. What better way to familiarize and expose free citizens to socialism than this engineered disease?

Five years ago, I was walking around Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macau. People were nice but there was a sense of defeatism all around. As if they had been beaten down generation after generation into submission and acceptance. Everyone wore masks because it was the best way not to get sick or breathe in nasty air. And the air was nasty because the leaders didn’t give a shit about their people or their environment so long as their houses were spotless, their products were top-notch, their food was plentiful, their water was clean, and their cars never ran out of gas.

Funny how America in 2021 looks very similar. Maybe not funny at all. Are we gonna take a beating like the Chinese or the Russian or the Venezuelan or Cuban population? Or are we finally going to stand up and say enough is enough?

Where is your line in the sand? When there’s not enough food or water? California already has energy problems, population retention problems, economic problems they’re trying to solve by raising taxes to unsustainable levels, a homeless problem that is rising exponentially. There is a mass exodus out of New York City and pretty much all of the big cities across the country. The divide is wider than the Great Plains. A few extremists on both political sides are screaming out and getting all the attention while the majority of people who just want to live normal lives and be left alone are being drowned out and dragged along unwillingly.

Right now we are experiencing a little inconvenience. Some a lot more than others. Whether at the grocery store or waiting in line to get into a corporate retail chain because A. COVID and B. there are no mom and pop stores open anymore, or waiting for a government handout of some sort (stimulus check or business loan or payment forgiveness), or having to stay home from schools or church or parks, facing fines and arrest if you gather or for not wearing a mask. It will only get worse. It will not get better. The only way we go back to normal is by rejecting the notion that this is a new normal. It is not. And unless we are all okay with a socialist/communist America, it should never be normal to give up more freedom for anything in The Land of the Free. So now that you’ve had a taste of socialism, now that you've seen what communism brings, is that what you really want?


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