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WHO and EU Collaborate on Global Digital Health ID

On June 5, the WHO announced that it will collaborate with the EU, using the latter’s COVID-19 digital certification system as “the first building block” to develop WHO’s Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN).

Because applying that globally is the helpful thing to do.

Well, it’s not surprising considering the European Commission recommended vaccine passports back in 2018.

WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, “New digital health products in development aim to help people everywhere receive quality health services quickly and more effectively.”

Right, if only entities like the WHO and EU use their resources to actually deal with diseases that need dealing with rather than the bureaucracy that tells the population what they can and can’t do and tracks them.

But that doesn’t matter because this digital certification system will work fine, telling you and whoever else is looking that you have got the jab which has since been revoked. But you got it and you’re certified so it’s all good.


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