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Are COVID Jabs “Mark of the Beast”?

St John the Evangelist, 1679 Russian icon, Kirillov Monastery, Russia
St John the Evangelist, 1679 Russian icon, Kirillov Monastery, Russia

It may be worth making a few comments given the observation that the currently available COVID “vaccines” may be the “mark of the beast”, a reference from the book of Apocalypse (Revelations) written by St John during his banishment on the island of Patmos, around 93–100 AD. Some elements are certainly recognizable. The below are merely my opinions on the question.

Short Reply

Yes and No. It could be an attempt at one. At minimum, it is probably a major component of an iteration, even if not (intended to be) the final iteration. I don’t think it is the final iteration because some details and the timing of corresponding events do not sufficiently match up.

Long Reply

To explain my reasoning without going in circles, I must first discuss the fundamental conflict regarding our existence and purpose before covering a few details regarding the subject.

Purpose and Conflict

Whilst God wants to save everyone and will provide sufficient grace, the devil Satan wants everyone to be damned like him. To do that, Satan and his minions will influence or attempt to influence souls insofar as God permits and insofar as souls are willing to go along with it.

Generally, it is taught that the enemies of the soul are the world, the flesh and the devil. The devil may tempt us directly. He also takes advantage of the flesh; that is, our fallen nature with its weaknesses. More broadly, he also makes use of the world; that is, temporal allurements and other people who have, to varying degrees according to case, fallen for his ways. These people might not entirely know what they’re doing and they might not be consciously trying to get you, but their mentality is nonetheless unhelpful. To use a pop culture reference, whether they know it or not, they are part of the Matrix.

The devil is a creature. Whilst he has powers corresponding to his (fallen) angelic nature that are superior to humans, he is obviously not God. He wants to be but he is not. And whilst he cannot outright just take a soul, he can influence, materially and spiritually.

(Photo: D. Polekhina)
(Photo: D. Polekhina)

Since the soul with its powers—that is, memory, intellect and will—operates through the body, it therefore makes (a twisted) sense that the devil will use whatever means available to him to influence, including altering, the body and the material world in order to optimize the means and effect of his demonic influence on the soul.

The possibilities are many. Dumbing down the population with nonsense under the guise of “philosophy” is one way. To those alive today in the West, how many remember being taught grammar and Socratic logic at school? Other than the older generation, probably never. Distracting the population with excessive entertainment is an easy one. Even if said entertainment doesn’t carry any bad messages, it can nonetheless distract the individual from better things.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see how so-called transhumanism comes into play. By altering the human body, it impacts the soul with its powers (memory, intellect and will), thereby making salvation more difficult. It is possible that chemicals in our food serve that purpose. More relevant to the question, vaccinations can also do it. It is suspected by some that the currently available COVID “vaccines” will facilitate tracking and even mind control. The technology already exists.

The “Mark” and its Implications

Below is the passage regarding the so-called mark (or “character”) of the beast from Apocalypse 13:16–18 (DR).

And he [the second beast] shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six.

At a glance, what is probably the most obvious element is that no one “might buy or sell” without it. With the increasing pressure to receive these jabs and the attempts to implement health/vaccine passports, the connection is obvious.

The word “character” in Greek is charagma. If one believes the dictionary, it refers to sculptures of idols and the like, as well as the branding on horses. Given the latter, it has connotations of ownership, slavery and its associated degradation of the dignity of life, which is consistent to the mentality of satanic tyranny that wants to rule over everyone and everything.

This “character” is probably a mockery of the “sign” (sometimes translated as “seal”) placed on the foreheads of some faithful mentioned in 7:3. More generally, I am guessing it is also a mockery of whatever character Baptism is meant to impress on the soul. The Sacrament of Baptism uses water and the Sacrament of the Altar uses bread and wine, both using a liquid. Thus, a “vaccine”, also in liquid form, can be seen as some sort of “anti-sacrament”.

The “character” is mentioned again in 14:9–12, describing the implications or consequences of those who receive it.

And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice: If any man shall adore the beast and his image, and receive his character in his forehead, or in his hand; he also shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mingled with pure wine in the cup of his wrath, and shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the sight of the holy angels, and in the sight of the Lamb.
And the smoke of their torments shall ascend up for ever and ever: neither have they rest day nor night, who have adored the beast, and his image, and whoever receiveth the character of his name. Here is the patience of the saints, who keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

It is tempting to think that anyone who receives the “character” is automatically going to hell. This may be the devil’s aim but it is not that simple. The first condition “[i]f any man shall adore the beast and his image” is key since it refers to the intent—what we do is important but the why more so.

Whilst “worship” in the broadest sense may be appropriately given to someone of higher rank, “adoration” is meant to be for God alone. God is just and justice demands everything be accounted for. To damn someone based on the act itself can be like condemning someone on a technicality. Technicalities matter and should never be ignored but technicalities aren’t the whole picture.

Ultimately, it is damning for someone who willfully “adores” the beast and his image. Those who receive the “character” out of weakness and/or ignorance are guilty insofar as their weakness and/or ignorance is culpable, and is only damning if obstinately unrepentant. In any case, the act itself objectively matters and receiving the “character” will nonetheless have serious temporal consequences if not eternal (“drink of the wine of the wrath of God”).

It is plausible that vaccination is the method to impress this “character”. Also consistent to the satanic mentality, it can alter the human body to the point that it is sufficiently different to the original that the devil thinks he can claim ownership. I do not know how God deals with that, but I don’t think it stops the devil from trying.

It should be noted that information regarding the COVID jabs is deliberately obfuscated or suppressed in order to fool the population. Of course, much is available and individuals have a responsibility to make serious attempts to stay informed. The irony for the devil is that by withholding information, there is no sufficiently informed consent/submission so he has the usual problem of simply doing as much damage as he can without necessarily obtaining his goal.

Even if these jabs are mark of the beast, receiving them may not automatically damn you, but they can still potentially do a lot of damage.

Timing of Corresponding Events

Whilst we are undeniably approaching what is described in Scripture with the attempt to link these jabs to financial transactions, we are not quite there yet in my opinion for two reasons: neither the timing nor the description of the “character” quite fits.

The prophecies in Apocalypse are difficult to understand not merely because of its literary style but also because it is not entirely linear. There is repetition from different angles, somewhat like action replay. Also, prophecies are often multi-layered and/or multi-faceted.

In brief, some of the mayhem described in the book have not happened yet. Whether the second beast is the Antichrist (devil incarnate) or not, he hasn’t appeared publicly. Some non-Scriptural prophecies imply that the Antichrist might be born in or around the year 2000. If he is permitted to imitate Jesus Christ, then he will begin his public life at age 30 years. I anticipate he will pretend to be a good guy and not wear the nametag “Antichrist” but will nevertheless explicitly declare himself to be in charge of everything like a tyrant. This has not happened yet.

Prophet Elias and Enoch, 17th-century icon
Prophet Elias and Enoch, 17th-century icon

Also, Elias and Enoch have not returned to preach penance to the world. Thus, the “3.5 years” (not necessarily described in those words) have not begun. For this reason, I do not think the current “vaccines” are the final iteration of the mark of the beast.

Researchers such as Fagan point out that the satanic tentacles of this world (freemasonry) have planned three world wars in order to implement their so-called New World Order. Assuming that is true and is still the plan, then it is possible that these jabs are intended to be the final iteration of the mark of the beast.

However, non-Scriptural prophecies collectively indicate a horrific war (World War III) in which God will intervene miraculously, thereby thwarting those plans. This is followed by a short peace before humanity goes stupid again leading to the final war and the end proper (Second Coming). We have had two world wars and are heading towards the third. Thus, even if these jabs are intended to be the final iteration of the mark of the beast, it will not end up being so.

Description of the “Mark”

According to the text, the “mark” or “character” is on the right hand or the forehead. Taking it literally, vaccinations as we know it do not quite fit the description.

Most people are right-handed and therefore receive injections on their left. Also, even if considering the word “hand” in Hebrew includes the wrist area, it is a stretch to include the upper arm where the injection site typically is.

The brain is what the powers of the soul operate through so the forehead reference could indicate that the “character” is intended to manipulate one’s memory, intellect and will. Although vaccinations are not received in the forehead and vaccines are generally supposed to remain near the injection site, it is known that the spike proteins can cross the blood-brain barrier.

It should be noted that the mark of the beast is probably not merely one thing but is a system with many components and subsystems. The text mentions that those without it cannot buy or sell, so it is tied to the financial system. And the financial system as we know it involves information systems and telecommunications, amongst other things.

Also, by involving multiple components and subsystems, the Antichrist can rule over more of the world, complicate things in order to confuse the population, and implement the system slowly (incrementally) and by stealth.

I will illustrate with two examples. When credit cards with magnetic strips became popular during the 1980s, some astute individuals saw it as a step towards the mark of the beast.

(Photo: M. O'Flynn)
(Photo: M. O'Flynn)

It wasn’t that the card could have a beast- or 666-related logo or number on it. It was the fact that such a card replaced cold hard cash. This is not an argument for fiat currency, that is another discussion. The point is that notes and coins are not tied to the individual but a credit card is. Whilst not worn on the hand or the forehead, it is carried around on the person and allows one to access and transfer funds in a particular way.

Of course, it was not and is still not mandatory to have such a card, but it is sold as a convenience. In a half-honest world, such a card would not be a problem but it is arguably unnecessary in the first place, and it is something the Antichrist can easily use for his purposes.

The second example is the use of the PIN at the ATM keypad or keyboard for the purposes of financial access. The PIN, obviously linked to the person, is typically memorized (“forehead”) and one types it in using their “right hand” since most people are right-handed. This takes the reference literally but it nonetheless fits.


In my opinion, the COVID jab is not the final iteration of the so-called mark of the beast. However, it could still be an attempt at one.

Given the correspondence to the text and its potential functions, it is at minimum a major component of an iteration, maybe even a form of beta.

As serious as these jabs are, I expect the final iteration of the mark of the beast to be worse. I anticipate that it will be more subtle and more sinister in both its (incremental) implementation and its intended effects.

As a sidebar, I am guessing God is kind enough to include the link to the financial system in the prophecy as a way for us to verify it. It is difficult to spot spiritual things since they are invisible but material things are easier to detect.


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