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What’s Next After Mar-A-Lago Raid?

After the FBI has lit a few firecrackers and shoved them into a few stools of dog crap, Trump is being the king troll he usually is. His response: “Release the documents now!”

Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise if “they” actually arrest Trump and/or try to assassinate him (again). After all, the circumstances of the raid are suspect at best—that is, involvement of an Epstein lawyer, FBI agents with backpacks, telling people to get out… must be desperate to get their hands on whatever is there. And going through the First Lady’s clothes? Pretty sure this First Lady is not a tranny if that’s what they’re trying to determine. Either way, one has to wonder whether the Q post below was intended to refer to something like this.


And on that note, one has to wonder whether Q post below (with a 2-year delta) is also meant to indicate future action. I am not saying something will happen on 20 August 2022 but there are quite a few highly generalized posts that can serve as indicators.


By the way, while one is busy looking at the aftermath of the raid, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips apparently released more information regarding the voter fraud as mentioned in the documentary 2000 Mules.

Interesting times indeed.


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