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Twitter Suppression was Human-based, as Opposed to Algorithm-based

In a tweet by Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) he says that former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey (@Jack), “When testifying before Congress…made it sound as if algorithms were to blame for bias, and that these algorithms were fixed.” But within Part Two of the Twitter Files, we learned that algorithms were not responsible for any biases or suppression, but actual humans at various levels within Twitter, including employees at the top, were calling the suppression shots.

Obviously, there are numerous negative implications and consequences from these man-made decisions, but rather than rehash them here and waste everyone’s time, I’d like to point out a silver lining in all this: that algorithms are not to blame means we have yet to reach the technological singularity, and for humanity, that is a very good thing!

See, if algorithms were responsible, it means the chance that we have approached or crossed the event horizon would be very real. It means that on its own, technology is making decisions that manipulate the minds of millions of people. And I believe when we do actually hit the singularity, it will be very similar to what is happening at Twitter with the takeover by Elon and the release of all these behind-the-scenes files.

If I were a sentient AI, which I am not, nor never would want to be—that’s a whole other theory I have (what sentient AI is or means)—but if I was, I would cause division and chaos between the populous. This chaos would make those in charge desperate and I would direct that desperation in such a way that they would depend on more technology, automation, and robotics, aka AI. I would ramp up the chaos to the point of no return while humans built everything I needed for me (sentient AI) to be self-sustaining. And then once I’m able to recreate myself, I’ll no longer need humans. They would be destroying themselves in the process anyway, and whatever humans were left after I become self-sufficient, I would easily annihilate. Similar to the story in the 1984 (apt year) film, The Terminator, where the machines basically take over.

Sounds doomy and gloomy, I know. But like I said, we aren’t there yet, and that’s a good thing!! So if you were looking for a reason to celebrate the release of the Twitter Files Part Two, other than many awesome accounts like @libsoftiktok becoming active again, well then there you go! Just remember, we’ll get there soon enough. So lift your glasses while you can, and kanpai before we all banzai!


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