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To Build or Not to Build…

The German Defense Ministry reportedly said that with merely 579 functional bomb shelters in Germany, civilians need to build their own.

The reason?

It’s the Russians, of course.

Despite their infamous bureaucracy, Germans are a capable people. One would like to think that the government can build more, but apparently, it is “no longer feasible” due to time constraints.

Given that statement, one would think that the Russians must be invading next Tuesday. But no, the threat is “within five to eight years”.

Right. So the Russian threat is a few years off but we don’t have time to build more shelters…

If one goes through the permutations (i.e. Russian threat real or not? If so, imminent or not?), then one can only conclude that the German authorities have been grossly negligent and/or want their people to panic “because the Russians are coming”.


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