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TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year: Megatron

TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year: Megatron

Megatron has been chosen as TIME magazine’s Person of the Year. According to the announcement:

For winning Cybertron’s presidential election without a running mate and by brute force instead of stealing it, for promoting tolerance by having Decepticon Lives Matter (DLM) wage war against the Autobots, for attending to the Cybertronian environment by enforcing a reduction in energon consumption, for changing Cybertron’s story by simply re-writing it, and, as transformers, for defending identity fluidity, Lord Megatron is TIME’s Person of the Year. All hail Megatron!

In the interview by Soundwave, Megatron clarified his stance on identity fluidity: “I tolerate only those who transform into aircraft or big fat cannons, not so much wheeled vehicles. Tracked vehicles are acceptable.”

In response to the query of when healing will come to a divided Cybertron, Lord Megatron grunted, “When I am done. Have you mistaken me for some old fool who cannot put together one sentence?”

Those were the only two questions asked by Soundwave before Lord Megatron said, “Now get back to work.”


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