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Thomas Renz: 45,000 Deaths within 14 Days of Vaccination on CMS Tracking System

In late July, attorney Thomas Renz filed the civil action America’s Frontline Doctors, et al vs Xavier Becerra, Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services, et al that included a whistleblower’s claim that deaths due to the COVID “vaccines” were, at the time, around 45,000 (rather than about 9,000).

The affidavit does not explain said claim but Renz made a brief 28-minute presentation with slides a few days ago in which he did briefly explain that point, amongst other things.

The “45,000” comes from the CMS Tracking System. CMS covers 59.4 million people, approximately 18.1% of the population. Therefore, as Renz admits, the number may be low. In any case, according to CMS, 48,465 people died within 14 days of receiving a dose of the vaccine, and therefore do not count as “vaccinated”. There is no analysis on that number.

In my opinion, no doubt some are “background deaths” due to underlying conditions, but one has to wonder. This is an interesting angle because Dr Jessica Rose estimated 150,000 deaths based on data from VAERS that was validated with other studies.

Renz also mentions that 25.9% of patients on Remdesivir died and 46% died within 14 days of treatment. Meanwhile, 7.2% of patients on Ivermectin died.

The slides can be accessed on Renz Law’s website (


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