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The Joker Smile?

America’s Frontline Doctors have released a “White Paper on Experimental Vaccines for COVID-19”. It is a short, 34-page document worthy of a browse. It covers material that has been covered before by various websites and even here at Opinyuns. It starts off with some basics about the so-called pandemic itself before moving onto the effectiveness of HCQ and then some details about the vaccine, very briefly covering each aspect.

One of the possible complications of the so-called vaccine is Bell’s Palsy, a condition that can cause paralysis of facial muscles. The result is that one side of the face can stiffen or droop. (See p. 14 and onwards of the paper, and I think those pictures are examples, not actual subjects.) I have mentioned the possibility of predictive programming in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) when The Joker poisons multiple household products that only specific combinations can kill. So, the virus alone may not do much, but the virus with the vaccine may do a lot more damage.

At the time, I didn’t think much of the observation regarding Bell’s Palsy and the facial droop with only four reported cases. Perhaps there are only a few more cases since (see below) but still… the virus, so-called vaccine, the facial droop that vaguely resembles “The Joker Smile”—the parallels are mildly disturbing.

Batman (Warner Bros. 1989)
The news presenter loses it on air. (Warner Bros. 1989)
Batman (Warner Bros. 1989)
Moments later... (Warner Bros. 1989)

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And apparently, this individual had postinfection Bell’s palsy from COVID-19 (without the so-called vaccine):

E.H. Dahl et al, “COVID-19 myocarditis and postinfection Bell’s palsy”, BMJ Case Rep 2021;14:e240095,


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