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Predictive Programming in 1989 Batman?

According to the CDC, there has been no proper isolation and identification of the COVID-19 virus. Some go as far as to say that there is no COVID-19 virus. Given the amount of research and information about it from various researchers, I think that view is overly simplistic.

It is more likely that the virus (or agent) is real and although not directly killing a lot of people, it is nonetheless used as an excuse for all the attempts of control and manipulation we have seen.

However, that does not logically exclude that it may cause harm in the future (delayed effect), nor does it logically exclude that it may be one component of something that can kill. (For example, there is suspicion that the PCR test and virus can mark a person, alter their DNA and serve as a means for mind manipulation and control. Whilst I have seen no conclusive evidence, the circumstantial evidence is compelling and makes sense given the history and goals of the so-called NWO.) Perhaps no proper identification of the virus is consistent to this possibility, as that would mean not taking a closer look and thereby exposing what the virus actually is.

Anyway, even early on—and I apologize for not posting this earlier—a scene came to mind from Tim Burton’s Batman (1989), starring Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jack Nicholson as The Joker and Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale. In the film, The Joker poisons household products and the people of Gotham City are dying from their use of these products. Of course, The Joker does not tell them which are poisoned, just that “chances are, you bought them already!” It could be any one product or perhaps all products.

Batman (Warner Bros. 1989)
The news presenter loses it on air. (Warner Bros. 1989)

But Batman is a detective. He works it out. This scene in the Batcave—not sure if one should be reading too much into the “bat” thing—is where Batman explains to Vicki Vale his findings. The scene starts from approximately 1:11:30.

BATMAN: The police have got it wrong. They’re looking for one product. The Joker’s tainted hundreds of chemicals at the source.
VALE: Then whole shipments of products would be poisoned. And we’d all be dead.
BATMAN: No. The poison only works when components are mixed. Hairspray won’t do it alone. But hairspray mixed with lipstick and perfume will be toxic and untraceable.
VALE: How did you figure this out?
Batman dodges the question, tosses a large, thick envelope.
BATMAN: Take that to the press.
VALE: I might have some trouble with that. A lot of people think you’re as dangerous as the Joker.
BATMAN: He’s psychotic.
VALE: Some people say the same thing about you.
BATMAN: What people?
VALE: Well, I mean, let’s face it. You’re not exactly normal, are you?
BATMAN: It’s not exactly a normal world, is it?

So, the virus might not kill you. But what if the virus with the vaccine does? Or the virus with another agent and the vaccine etc?

And by the way, regardless of what the truth is, it seems the “press” might have some trouble with it, and someone who wants to discuss the truth is “psychotic”. Well, that’s news.

Batman (Warner Bros. 1989)
"Take that to the press." (Warner Bros. 1989)

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