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"Q" Explained

My Thoughts

I couldn't write this fairly without expelling some venom. So I decided to do this at the beginning, with a clear label so that you, the reader, have the option of skipping this portion and getting to the explanation.

When it comes to this subject, the media hasn't been honest. I can easily apply this statement to many of our recent current events. It wasn't always this way—at least I hope it wasn't. The lack of journalistic integrity within our current media is shameful. Whether they skew a story to fit their narrative or deny their audience an unbiased, factual account, they are in the business of ensuring that the public receives the information from a chosen perspective to build upon their predetermined narrative. Whether the media wants to hype a story or steer people away from one, they have a monopoly on screen time in every home at every hour of the day.

Every Q-related article starts with "QAnon is a right-wing, conspiracy theory..." How can that be considered unprejudiced or unbiased in any way? The media continually wields the label of "conspiracy theory" as a weapon to simply shut the minds of a large population of intelligent, caring people who may otherwise take a peek into the simple facts of any story.

I will not be using the name "QAnon" any further. The author, or authors, of the Q posts have only ever used either Q or Q+ as a signature. Never QAnon. Q addresses his readers as Anons so I'm guessing at some point the media combined it, for whatever purpose, to create the label of QAnon.

I hate the phrase "believers of Q." Simplifying people into one of two categories, "believers" and "non-believers", adds further incentive to stay away from this story. Imagine if you looked into the story and found a small portion that sounded truthful? Would you be labeled a conspiracy nut? Better not to take that chance. If I were simply watching a football game would that mean that I must absolutely be a fan of the sport, I must be a fan of one of the teams, and that I have some investment in the outcome? This over-simplification and the use of labels are incredibly effective in keeping one's mind closed and one's eyes off of "taboo" subjects.

I also dislike hearing people say "Q is fake." Again, this is a harmful over-simplification created to let people brush off this story as if it were a dirty piece of dandruff on their shoulders. When I've encountered this statement amongst my peers, I ask them to please explain why it is fake. I've yet to hear a cogent response. The fact is Q exists. Someone has been posting regularly as Q. There is information there. This much is at least true, not "fake." Whether one chooses to accept the information, follow where it leads, or choose not to trust the source is up to the individual.

As for my beliefs about the subject? I came across the Q-posts from the very beginning purely by chance. The idea of it was intriguing enough for me to continue following until I realized that there was something so extraordinary about this that I needed to keep my eyes on it. I watched the movement grow and pick up steam over the past 3 years and have been fascinated not only by the information but by the reaction of the public, the depiction by the media, the censorship by tech companies, and most importantly, the way the community grew between the supporters of Q, the news channels that were birthed to actually cover this story, and how this information reached people all over the world. Whether we like it or not, this is now a piece of our history. This is a story like no other and, in my opinion, one should at least get an understanding of what this is before deciding on a stance. The media has failed to give an unbiased, fair report as to what the facts are. This is my attempt to give the bare minimum of facts in order to shed light on what Q is. My goal isn't to sway you into believing in Q, I simply want to define what Q is objectively since it has become apparent to me that the media has turned this into a completely toxic subject.

Ok, I feel better. Let's get to the explanation.

Q Explained

Let me first take a step back from Q to explain where and how they post their information.

There was a website called 4Chan. This site was one of the truly uncensored forums on the internet. Users were able to publish their thoughts and opinions with complete anonymity regarding any topic of their choosing. Since Q started, the website has gone through a couple of iterations. I don't know all the details of how and why this happened but I can tell you that 4Chan became 8Chan and currently, it is active under the name of 8kun. This is the only place Q has ever posted. In fact, the owners of the website installed what is called a Trip Code (a secure ID that cannot be manipulated or altered), in order to show that Q's posts can only come from a single source. Any other websites associated with Q were usually aggregate websites that would collect the posts and place them in sequence to make it much easier for the general public to read them. I used to read them on until it was taken down, but they can still be found at

Q first posted on Oct. 28, 2017. As of now, the latest post was on Dec. 8, 2020. There are currently a total of 4953 posts of various lengths. The posts varied from simple cheerleading-type messages for our country and the Q community and links to news articles, but most often the posts contained short sentences, most of them asked in a question form, which pointed the reader in a direction of research or thought regarding the state of our country, the political system, and the global events which seemingly connected together, at least from the perspective of Q.

The early posts by Q were left unsigned. The name "Q" came from the claim that the person, or persons, making the post had a government clearance level of "Q," which is a high-level clearance given through the Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Committee (DOE and NRC, respectively) [1]. The first Q post signed as "Q" seems to be Q post #61. There were a few other unsigned posts after #61 but at some point, they were all eventually signed with a "Q", with the occasional post signed as "Q+" which seems to indicate they were posted by a different person.

Q post #60 seems to be the closest we get to an answer of who they are. It states:

Through this post, the assumption is made that it is a team of fewer than 10 people of which only 3 are non-military. Of course, this is open for interpretation.

The basic premise of Q's mission is that the media must be bypassed, due to their corruption and contamination in getting truthful information out to the general public. In order to accomplish this, they needed to locate a secure backchannel in order to divulge this information safely without suppression. They claim that we are in a state of Information Warfare, sometimes called Irregular Warfare, in which the enemies of America are using infiltration, rather than invasion, as a means to take over the people of this country as well as the citizens of the world. They claim these enemies have infiltrated every part of our government and media, including the entertainment industry, and are working to overtake our country from within.

The Q team also claims they have access to military intelligence and that they are working for, and with, President Trump on their "Plan." "The Plan" is to expose this infiltration, to give our government back to the people, and to eliminate the foreign elements which have been infiltrating, subverting, and perverting our country. "The Plan" is also to expose and eject all of the corrupt players in the governments of the world while installing a new system in place of this established, corrupt system. The process of enlightening the world with this information has been entitled "The Great Awakening." Here is a link to a video that gives a general overview of what Q stands for.

Q's posts have a very consistent style. Statements are posed as questions, oftentimes disseminating just enough information to give the reader a path to discovery. Q will also post phrases that seemingly make very little sense at the time of the post. They often use the phrase "Future proves past" indicating that something that may not make sense at this moment will be proven by a future event. There is a perfect example that I can refer to back in post #61 above. This drop ends with the statement "Alice & Wonderland" which seems to make no connection to the rest of the information in the drop. Cryptic phrases like this and many others, questions that are left open-ended, and "crumbs" of information have been incredibly effective in bringing an online community together to interact, speculate, and discuss all things Q.

There are some terms that are frequently used among followers. Q's posts, sometimes called drops, are also called "crumbs." Crumbs are tidbits of evidence left for us to dig into in order to find the connecting pieces of information. Q often calls those who are incredibly good at connecting the dots "Autists and Bakers." The term "Proofs" is used in an obvious way when an event happens to confirm something described in a post but it is a little more complex than that. "Proofs" have been used to confirm the authenticity of Q themselves. They seem to show a close link to President Trump and to information that would be impossible for the average person to access. I have a link to a video to show some of the most widely accepted "proofs" among the community.

John F. Kennedy has been brought up in a number of Q's posts. He is held in very high esteem and has been attributed as a guiding, uniting force in the mission by the Q team, according to the posts. There has been a lot of attention given to JFK, Jr. as well which stems from the friendship between him and President Trump. I bring this up because the speculation of JFK, Jr. being alive has been used by the media as a way to paint the Q community as crazy. Q has interacted with 4Chan board members at times to answer specific questions. Here are a couple of examples including an answer to JFK, Jr.

Finally, I would like to explain the phrase most closely associated with the Movement - "Where We Go One, We Go All." The phrase has been attributed to a couple of different sources within the Q posts. The first is that the phrase was the insignia on the bell of JFK's boat (pictured on the right). The second reference was a link from a Q post to the trailer for the movie "White Squall." In the trailer, you can see a couple of the characters speak this phrase. Q began to end a number of posts with this phrase, sometimes using it for the entirety of the post. Supporters of Q use this phrase as a rallying cry to support the movement, connect with each other, and to unite.

Final Thought

I cannot tell you that anything from the Q posts is true. Unless I could verify any of it, it truly doesn't matter. What I can confirm is that there are no messages of white supremacy, no messages of hatred, and never a call for any sort of violent action towards fellow Americans. Any sort of negativity has always been directed at the enemies of our country and those who are enabling this enemy to function. What I can also confirm is that the information I felt compelled to research opened my eyes up to a wide array of new ideas and what seems like insight into ways of how the world may actually be working. Through it all, I found messages of unity and love for fellow Americans and for our country. Whether Q proves to be absolutely true or proven to be a hoax, whether the "Plan" is a success or a failure, or even if we were simply taken for an incredibly wild ride, I know that I have grown and I can see things from another perspective.

My greatest takeaway from all of this is that the corruption of the media has become evident. No truer words were ever spoken, "If you control the information, you control the people." I have linked an NPR article from 2010 which speaks of the use of information control in Tehran. I find it interesting that the same tactics this article mentions are very similar to what our media and tech companies are currently doing to us. We will all find out soon enough where Q has led us. Future will indeed prove past.


The control of information is something the elite always does, particularly in a despotic form of government. Information, knowledge, is power. If you can control information, you can control people.

- Tom Clancy

He who controls the media controls the minds of the public.

- Noam Chomsky

Media manipulation in the U.S. today is more efficient than it was in Nazi Germany, because here we have the pretense that we are getting all the information we want. That misconception prevents people from even looking for the truth.

- Mark Crispin Miller


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