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Provisionally Safe and Effective

In case one hasn’t heard/seen enough of “safe and effective” regarding COVID-19 jabs with their corresponding lack of evidence supporting such claims, here’s another one.

Much is said about the US’s FDA and the CDC, and they deserved to be bashed. Sometimes, observations are made regarding Europe but I thought I include one from Australia.

According to their government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website, there is a list of the so-called COVID-19 vaccines which are all “undergoing evaluation for provisional registration”:

The TGA has received applications and is assessing preliminary data for the following COVID-19 vaccines using the provisional pathway and rolling review procedures.

It’s “safe and effective” but they are still “assessing preliminary data”. Right. Can’t politicians and lamestream media at least stick to a half-lie and say “provisionally safe and effective”? Actually, even that’s not quite true. Never mind.

Anyway, I guess some people need to be judicially and publicly executed even though there is no capital punishment in Australia.

COVID-19 vaccines undergoing evaluation (
COVID-19 vaccines undergoing evaluation (

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