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Professor Altshtein: “Omicron variant could be less pathogenic”

Setting aside the amusing anagrams of omicron—such as “moronic”, “oncomir” and even “media control” if you include the word “delta”—Russian virologist Professor Anatoly Altshtein has expressed an interesting view regarding this latest variant.

Whilst the lamestream view is that Omicron could end the world, Altshtein suspects otherwise.

“Right now there are reasons to think that the Omicron variant could be less pathogenic…
“…we already see Omicron has many mutations, more than Delta. More than thirty in a single gene of its spike protein. This is too many, and it means the virus has an unstable genome. As a rule, this sort of infectious agent becomes less dangerous, because evolutionarily, an overwhelming number of mutations leads to a weakening of the virus’s ability to cause disease.”

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