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Madden Update to Reflect Pandemic Conditions

Redwood City, CA – EA has announced that the upcoming update for Madden will reflect the pandemic conditions.

“We were planning to update the crowd since everyone knows they look terrible,” said EA spokesperson George Lynwood. “But then the pandemic came, which was just as well, so we took the opportunity to get rid of most of them.”

Of course, with games, things are never that simple. Over the course of the season, some stadiums were packed with cardboard cutouts. “In those cases,” said Lynwood, “there’s little difference to what we had before… we just flattened our already-flat models.”

And it’s not just the crowds that get an update, the audio gets an update too.

“Now that one was definitely complicated,” said Lynwood. “We’re quite proud of our sound guys on that one. Our simulated crowd noises weren’t bad to begin with, but now we simulate bad simulated crowd noises.

“First, we had to add a new track of realistic ambient noises that we usually don’t hear in a crowded stadium, like external traffic. Then we layer the fake crowd noises on top. And being fake, it’s not just ‘softer’, we played with its sound character and the interference patterns coming out of your real speakers so that it sounds like fake crowd coming out of the stadium’s speakers.

“Anyway, I feel like our fake-fake crowd noise is quite realistic and maybe better than the NFL’s real-fake crowd noise… which I’m not sure if that’s a good thing now that I think about it.”


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