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Jedi Master Who Wanted “Harsher Lockdown Policy” Asks for Forgiveness

Jedi Master Who Wanted “Harsher Lockdown Policy” Asks for Forgiveness

Galactic Senate, Coruscant (GNS) – Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker appeared on a recent episode of Real Time with Jar Jar Binks alongside Emperor Palpatine.

In the interview, Skywalker admits that he wanted harsher lockdown policy during the pandemic but now realizes he was wrong.

I was on the board of Padawan Training Committee during COVID. I wanted a harsher lockdown policy. In retrospect, I was wrong. The damage to the padawans keeping them cooped up in the Jedi Temple was greater than the risk. That’s why I went the temple and tried to kill the virus with my lightsaber. I’d like to thank Chancellor Palpatine, I mean the Emperor. We were all operating with imperfect information and we were doing our best. But let’s learn from it. Using a lightsaber on viruses gets jedi and padawans killed. Let’s hold each other accountable, but let’s bring a little bit of grace and forgiveness.

The Jedi Order has not responded to requests for comment although records show that Anakin Skywalker does not hold the rank of Master.


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