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Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty. Who’s Next?

Not that I expected the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell to overtly reveal anything and it was in many respects rigged to begin with, but it would be interesting to see what happens now.

  • First, the fact that she’s not dead and made it to the trial alive, even if it was rigged, suggests the so-called white hats exist. By “rigged”, I mean the people involved, how it was conducted (or not conducted) and that there was minimal coverage by the media during the proceedings.

  • Either way, it makes sense she is found guilty. If she is found not guilty, there may be too much public outcry. If the bad guys want her gone, they can do it regardless. If good guys are in charge, I assume they would want to continue to hold her, partly for the sake of justice but also for information in exchange for protection.

  • Now, judges have ordered the unsealing of documents relating to a settlement between Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre, who has a lawsuit against Prince Andrew. Not surprisingly, if you can believe the Mirror, Prince Andrew’s lawyers are concerned and the judge has denied their bid to have the case thrown out.

The trial itself may have been apparently uneventful as expected but it is now that things can get interesting. Well, one can hope…


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