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Down Under Exposures

In recent years, there has been an increasing exposure and therefore public awareness of human trafficking, pedo networks, and satanic/occult ritual abuse as well as their connection to the so-called elite even though this has been going on for ages to varying degrees of sophistication.

A lot of the material is related to the US and Europe, especially if one digs further into the past. But let’s not forget our friends from down under.

Apparently, Australian Parliament House staff have been calling prostitutes for their MPs, MPs and staff have been doing it in the prayer room, and it’s implied that at least one has jerked off over the desk of a “female politician he worked for” before putting it on social media. Because, you know, why wouldn’t you?!

According to Finance Minister Simon Birmingham, these people should “pack their bags and leave the building for good.”

Well, if they have been jerking off over a colleague’s desk, then their bags must have been quite packed to begin with.

Now one may think that’s pretty tamed compared to pedo networks and satanic ritual abuse but, on a more serious note, I am going to take an undomesticated guess here and say that this is just a faint reflection of what has been and is really going on.

Eyes Wide Open

To those interested, Fiona Barnett is an Australian survivor of satanic ritual abuse and MKUltra. Her website is and she has written a book titled Eyes Wide Open that is available for free to download. This book details her experiences of being part of the program in Australia and its connections to churches, law enforcement agencies and MKUltra. In these respects, it is like an Australian version that parallels TRANCE: Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien.

Unlike O’Brien, who mostly recounts her personal experiences before her rescue, Barnett branches out by discussing some broader history and tries to provide a context. She also discusses her efforts to expose all of this and the problems she faces in seeking justice; for example, the police as a force is corrupt, and the academic and medical (psychology) circles are so infiltrated and ingrained in their limited way of thinking that hardly anyone is equipped to deal with victims and survivors. In these respects, it is not merely her experiences but also her research and the text can serve as a reference.

I have no way of personally verifying the accounts in these books but both Eyes Wide Open and TRANCE have details and a consistency that makes them compelling. Both are recommended.


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